Asiatic black bear

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bear with a black coat living in central and eastern Asia

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Mausi, a 40-year-old Asian black bear, and Muschi, a black house cat, first became firm friends back in 2001.
Any bear can wear glasses," it begins - showing a sloth bear, sun bear, polar bear and Asian black bear in cool shades - "but there's only one spectacled bear.
Twelve students from the Tipton RSA Academy created festive food boxes for the zoo's chimpanzees, Sumatran tiger and European lynx, and made edible pine cone and honey baubles for Asian black bear Inca.
In Yala, guests take a jeep safari in Yala National Park, one of Sri Lanka 's premier eco-tourism destinations and home to a variety of wildlife including Asian black bears, leopards and elephants.
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