Asiatic black bear

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bear with a black coat living in central and eastern Asia

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The new research showed that Asian black bears, Himalayan brown bears and Tibetan brown bears had all contributed to the myth.
The samples investigated by Lindqvist and her fellow researchers - who, other than her university, came from France, Norway, and Pakistan - included a skin sample from a paw, saved as a relic in a monastery and found to come from an Asian black bear, and a femur bone fragment in a cave on the Tibetan Plateau which was confirmed to belong to a Tibetan brown bear.
The Other Bears" has an educational parade of different bear species illustrated and described on the inner covers, including the spectacled bear, the sloth bear, and the Asian black bear, or moon bear.
The Asian black bear is a protected animal in China.
Mausi, a 40-year-old Asian black bear, and Muschi, a black house cat, first became firm friends back in 2001.
Any bear can wear glasses," it begins - showing a sloth bear, sun bear, polar bear and Asian black bear in cool shades - "but there's only one spectacled bear.
A similar incident occurred in Thailand earlier this month when a man was mauled by an Asian black bear after he teased the animal.
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