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5 percent) of Virginia's Asian Indian households earn $100,000 or more per year, compared to 27.
During 2010-2013, among 10 racial/ ethnic populations/subgroups (white, black, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Central/South American) men reported statistically higher cigarette smoking prevalence than did women.
For this study, I chose three ethnic groups--European Americans, Asian Indian Americans, and Chinese Americans--for the following reasons.
5) One Asian Indian American commentator sarcastically wrote, "That gorgeous chocolate may play as exotic in the West, but in India, we prefer our beauty queens strictly vanilla--preferably accessorised with blue contact lenses.
This, in combination with the higher risk metabolic profile of many Asian Indians, may explain why chronic diseases are more prevalent.
The researchers used data from the 2004 California Asian Indian Tobacco Survey, a telephone survey of 3,200 adult Asian Indian residents of California.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study is to compare the effect of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin on lipid profile in non- diabetic dyslipidemia in achieving the goals as per ATP III and Asian Indian Guidelines.
The growing number of Asian Indians immigrating to and raising families in the United States has increased the number of Asian Indian women who mint negotiate a bicultural experience (Inman, Constantine, & Ladany, 1999; Roysircar, 2010).
Percent of the foreign born that were naturalized citizens, averages for the combined years 2008-2010 Total Asian 56 Asian Indian 44 Chinese 59 Filipino 66 Japanese 39 Korean 52 Vietnamese 72 Other Asian 54 Non-Asian 41
Relationship between generalized and upper body obesity to insulin resistance to Asian Indian men.
One racial/ethnic group which is significantly left out in the alcohol studies are the Asian Indian Immigrants, particularly the college students.
New York Life focuses on the Asian Indian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese markets, but has agents serving all Asian cultures.
Here is an excerpt from the chapter on Asian Indian Americans:
The fatty livers probably account for these Asian Indian men developing insulin resistance despite being normal weight, he says.
Almost 90% of all Asian-Americans belong to six ethnic groups: Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese.
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