Elephas maximus

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Asian elephant having smaller ears and tusks primarily in the male

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Asian elephants are highly threatened in the wild and conservationists from the zoo are working in India to protect the species from human-wildlife conflict.
We share our country with the largest number of Asian elephants.
A journey from abundance to rarity, the wild Asian elephant is on the verge of extinction in the land of the Bengal Tiger.
However, several issues are surfacing regarding the use of a female Asian elephant, as the the species is currently under protection due to their dwindling numbers.
The above case is a report of hypopyon and uveitis in an Asian elephant.
Though World Wildlife Day 2016 was raised awareness on all threatened species, the plight of the African and Asian elephants will be emphasized, with the tag line The future of elephants is in our hands.
The visit is part of a tour organised to raise awareness to protect the Asian elephant from extinction.
Place students in groups that will work cooperatively to draw and paint an Asian elephant.
The zoo says fourteen-year-old Asian elephant Karishma has turned out to be quite the talented painter since first picking up a brush two years ago.
African elephants have been known to imitate the sound of truck engines, and a male Asian elephant living in a zoo in Kazakhstan was said to produce utterances in both Russian and Kazakh.
Maaximo Riera's elephant chair has been produced using morph metric data to resemble the Asian elephant species.
London-based Lady Rendell became involved with Chester Zoo in 2002, when she became a patron of its Asian Elephant Appeal.
So far the Elephant parade has arranged outdoor art exhibitions in London, Amsterdam and other cities and funds collected from these events are used to support the Asian elephant and other charity purposes.
The campaign, organised by the charity Elephant Family, supports the cause of saving the Asian elephant.
Department of Agriculture's fine a "pathetic conclusion" to the investigation into the death of Gita, a 48-year-old Asian elephant.
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