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an American who is of Asian descent

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The pendulum swings back the other way to projects that explore the role of Asians and Asian Americans in mainstream, traditionally produced media, such as Hawaiian tourist films (Camilla Fojas), Battlestar Galactica (LeiLani Nishime), indie rock (Douglas Ishii), the National Spelling Bee (Shilpa Dave), and competitive cooking shows (Tasha Oren).
Published in November in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, the study found that less than half of Asian Americans who should be tested for Type 2 diabetes receive a screening test.
It also found that a majority of Asian Americans (2-to-1 average) self-identifies as Democrat (about 41%), more than twice as many who identify as Republican (16%).
While the attention to Asian Americans in 2012 was long overdue, much of the commentary was short-sighted and misleading.
Asian American Basketball: A Century of Sport, Community and Culture
Vanna Tran, manager of multicultural growth and strategy for New York-based Nielsen, notes that 75 percent of Asian Americans are immigrants.
There are also statistics from the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), which show that while Asian Americans were getting hired as associates at law firms -- they represent 10.
13 ( ANI ): Asian American voters came out in droves to vote for President Barack Obama over GOP challenger Mitt Romney, a new poll has found.
The data also show that Asian Americans have the highest levels of education as well as per capita income.
explains it, Asian Americans also experience a liminality that functions as a creative space that empowers them to unite in solidarity to confront and transform the world around them.
She also challenges the traditional perception of non-Western music as conventional and immobile by highlighting the diasporic experiences of Asian Americans within the context of space, place, and displacement:
Nationally, Asian Americans have the lowest unemployment rate of the major racial groups.
Agar Lyons donned yellow face to play the role of Fu Manchu in 1923, equal representation in entertainment has been an uphill climb fought by generations of Asian Americans.
His foundational thesis is that these theologies seek to "juxtapose the actual life realities and experiences of Asian Americans with the soteriological, prophetic, ethical, and transformative power of the Christian gospel" (p.
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