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an American who is of Asian descent

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Reading Lim et al's definition of Asian American culture and the ubiquitous reference to difference, one cannot help but notice the similarities to Lisa Lowe's groundbreaking essay "Heterogeneity, Hybridity, Multiplicity: Marking Asian American Differences" of some fifteen years prior to Lim et al.
To define a canon that is representative of the diversity of Asian American culture, especially in the context of transnationality "where ethnicity is increasingly produced at multiple local and global sites" (468), is thus a particularly difficult endeavor.
Such an approach to Asian American literature highlights the challenge in teaching students who are unfamiliar with Asian American political issues but have been preoccupied with their own sense of Asian American culture as an equivalent of Asian entertainment and the Asian economic success.
Such a conception or misconception of Asian American culture might be easily dismissed on the ground that the students conflate Asian and Asian American cultures or simply fall victim to the commercialization of minority literature in American culture and society.
Therefore, accepting a lesbian identity, interpreted as a desire to not procreate and to not continue the traditional family line, is considered a huge defiance of the Asian American culture (Greene, 1994b).
There is, they point out, no empirical basis for identifying a unique or unitary Asian American culture.
As a source for the expression of alternative identities and histories that don't conform to conventional narratives, she claims, Asian American culture provides an opportunity for social and political critique.
This study determined that there is a distinct and intimate relationship between Asian American culture, family and student achievement.
30) Asian American anthologies of the 1980s, including Home To Stay, Breaking Silence, The Forbidden Stitch, and Making Waves, have revised nation-based boundaries to foreground instead "the instabilities of identity" in Asian American culture today, representing the oscillating and crisscrossing of national, racial, and subjective boundaries that characterize the experience of biculturalism and multiculturalism.
New On Demand Destination Brings Award-Winning Films, Shorts & Documentaries Highlighting Asian American Culture
The Asian American Advisory Council is dedicated to preservation and dissemination of Asian American culture and heritage and promoting social and cultural awareness of Asian Americans in Miami-Dade County.
The final day features the C-100 mentoring program, highlighting Chinese and Asian American culture and identity.
Portland Taiko's music is both a celebration of Asian American culture and catalyst for bringing people together.
As the first scripted series on the network, this one of a kind musical drama combines great food, song, and dance which are all quintessential for Asian and Asian American cultures.
Overall, this book outlines the importance and relevance of comparative race studies while being cautious not to fall into the trap of false optimism and/or recuperative work that mythologizes connections rather than illuminating the actual relationships formed between black and Asian American cultures.
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