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an American who is of Asian descent

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5th Annual Asian American Health Conference: Reinvesting in Our Communities for Health Equity.
Another version of the myth, which represents APIA individuals as being healthy, both physically and psychologically, was propagated in part by the erroneous interpretation in the 1970s of Asian American health services underutilization as a sign of their superior mental health (Myers, Kagawa-Singer, Kumanyika, Lex, & Markides, 1995; Sue & Sue, 1999).
The lack of data on Asian ethnic elderly people is due to several factors, including the preponderance of research focusing on the white elderly population (LaVeist, 1995) and the tendency to combine all Asian nationalities into a homogeneous group (Center for the Study of Asian American Health, 2005).
These organizations join existing partners: Asian American Family Services; Asian American Health Coalition; Bethel's Place; Dallas Bethlehem Center; Dallas NAACP; Family Compass Group; Ferguson Road Initiative; Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church; Houston NAACP; It's Time Texas; Jubilee Park and Community Center; Las Comadres Para Las Americas; LULAC Greater Houston Council 4967; Marathon Kids; Martin Luther King, Jr.
According to the Asian American Health Forum (cited in Mokuau & Fong, 1994), there are only three drug treatment programs geared toward Asian Americans in the entire country.
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