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an American who is of Asian descent

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Still, one of the persistent dynamics of the Asian American electorate is its continued potential for persuasion by candidates of either party," the poll said.
Part of the problem is an overall insistence on looking at the Asian American population largely from the point of view of its members' countries of origin.
The study will include several key markets representing 70% of the Asian American population in the United States.
How should we perceive contemporary Asian American cultural identity and Chinese American cultural identity separately and together?
Throughout the book, American modernism is mostly associated with Pound's Imagist aesthetics whose "textual adventures" (127) are established in both the introduction and the first chapter as the modernist context against which the Asian American poetics are discussed.
Jie "Jay" Zheng is the president of the Colorado chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professional.
Today, the 6,000-square-foot airy loft nestled in the heart of New York City's Koreatown boasts a popular reading series, numerous workshops in creative writing, an arts-in-education program, and one of the most comprehensive libraries of contemporary Asian American literary works.
The filmmakers in this roundtable discussed the ways in which their work reflects and interprets the concerns of the changing Chinese American community, including constantly shifting definitions of culture and identity, the Chinese diaspora, representations of Asian Americans in popular culture, and the ways in which film can be used as a means of social change.
Although Asian American history dates as early as the 1700s with Filipino mariners arriving in what is now known as Louisiana (Takaki, 1990), it was not until Asian Americans began to arrive in the United States in large numbers in the mid-1800s that this group began to attract particular attention both in governmental legislation and media portrayals (Prashad, 2000; Takaki).
The "stereotype of Asian Americans as a 'model minority' does not hold for Asian American adolescents in the area of sexual activity," according to Hyeouk Chris Hahm and coauthors (page 28).
If lyric poetry is the most introspective of all literary forms, the most remote from public and political concerns, how should we read lyric poems that come to us under the label of Asian American writing?
Linda Trinh Vo, Mobilizing an Asian American Community.
European American counselors who tended to smile more and make postural shifts more frequently that their Asian American counterparts received high scores on productivity and involvement in the session by 112 volunteer clients.
Chinese San Francisco is part of a new wave of Asian American history that emphasizes transnational paradigms to understand the experiences and perspectives of Asian immigrants and their American-born descendants.
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