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Although not much was written on the subject at the time, some observers attributed the conservative leanings of Asian Americans to a combination of anti-communist sentiment among Vietnamese, Chinese, and Korean immigrants and a commitment to "hard work and family solidarity [over] ...
According to Plunket, The Asian Peoples Strategy 2015-2020 is based on discussions with service users, Asian community groups, relevant agencies and Plunket staff.
Vanna Tran, manager of multicultural growth and strategy for New York-based Nielsen, notes that 75 percent of Asian Americans are immigrants.
The articles in part 1 emphasize the importance of formulating a living theology in Asia that goes beyond Western ready-made theologies so as to be legitimate and relevant to Asian people.
The political leadership headed westwards at first after independence, but, there was a remarkable shift of attention eastwards since the early nineteen-eighties because Bahrain's roots are Asian, Al-Shakar opined.
This is the second time that TEN Sports will broadcast the Asian Games, after the successful broadcast of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.
The introduction of FX futures for trading and clearing is SGX's response to strong client demand for currency management tools to complement its suite of highly liquid Asian equity derivatives.
The surveys explored the similarities and differences among the Houston area's four largest Asian communities: the Vietnamese, Indian/Pakistani, Chinese/Taiwanese and Filipino populations.
"This is a corporate award for Asian business owners, entrepreneurs and chief executives in recognition of their role in modern Bahrain's development story," said Salaam Bahrain chairman Captain Mahmood Al Mahmood.
And, in the comprehensive National Asian American Survey, 9 percent of respondents reported being unfairly denied a job or fired, and 12.9 percent alleged that they had been unfairly denied a promotion at work.
This essay will explore how the embattled gay Asian male body, like the bruised and battered corpus of Jesus Christ on the cross, might serve an atoning purpose by decolonizing the racism and homophobia of contemporary Christian theologies.
the Asian population is about 1.2% of Arkansas' total population.
A new group for lawyers of Asian ethnicity, New Zealand Asian Leaders (NZAL) Lawyers, will be launched in Auckland on 10 June 2019.
Ibn Ajayan Projects (IAP), managers of Asian Town, has announced that Asian Town is all set to celebrate Qatar National Day on December 18.
One solution for the over-the-air TV station owner may lie in understanding how Asian Americans watch television.
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