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the seventh month of the Hindu calendar

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While Ashvin is a practicing family doctor in Abu Dhabi, B'lu who prefers to be known by her moniker is a freelance writer.
Ashvin Gidwani is the MD and Producer at Ashvin Gidwani Productions--the
The study done by Sebastian and Ashvin 2007, stated that a large number of Chinese in Malaysia converted to facilitate intermarriages with Muslims.
Ashvin Dayal, Managing Director (Asia), Rockefeller Foundation
Ashvin Pandurangi, How Did A Single Unconstitutional Agency Become The Most Powerful Organization In America?
Two films were granted a special mention by the jury: Ashvin Kumar's "Inshallah Football" from India and Shahin Parhami's "Amin" from Iran.
According to Ashvin Parekh of Ernst & Young, Maharashtra has the highest stamp duty of 4 per cent for mergers and amalgamations of companies, followed by Rajasthan, Delhi and Gujarat.
According to Dayal Ashvin of Oxfam (2008) the floods of 2007 affected over 30 million in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
401,000, 32 Framingham Rd, Prenner, Charles J, and Cali, Joanne, to Kalyanaraman, Ashvin.
The court heard that Ashvin Rana, 40, had two previous convictions for stocking the imported dummies that were so badly made the judge said they were "a choking hazard for any baby".
Gowda, USDA-ARS, Bushland, Texas; and ASABE member Raghavan Srinivasan, Texas A&M University at College Station, Ashvin K.
Leading Asian motor industry analyst Ashvin Chotai, of Intelligence Automotive Asia in London, said: "I cannot see any time realistically in the future when manufacturing will all move to India.
Staff Bambos Charalambous (manager, quotes are his), Ashvin Sunassee (deputy), Iftekhar Mishu, Aloona Ratsuka, Andrew Payne, Adam Abdilla, Stephanie Nahr, Mammy (cleaner)
UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson opened the conference with the news that Ashvin Vibhakar, the director of the IEA and former dean of the College of Business, was leaving after 26 years in Little Rock to become the CFA Institute's director in the Asia-Pacific region.