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chief god of the Assyrians


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an ancient Assyrian city on the Tigris and traditional capital of Assyria

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Radwa Ashur empieza su novela con esta misma mujer desnuda, pero en este caso andalusi, paseando por las calles de Granada, adivinando la caida de la ciudad.
Before the start of the celebration, Ashur said that their sons joined in the free educational workshop of making a traditional bag supervised by the staff of the Sharjah Maritime Museum.
The International Criminal Court issued their arrest warrants during a warwhen our justice system was in shambles," said Ashur in reference to last year's conflict, adding that local courts are now ready to process such cases.
We expect diplomats and government officials to convince all parties of the need to try Senussi in Libya," Ashur added.
The International Criminal Court has decreed that Saif al-Islam Gaddafi will be tried in Libya rather than at the Hague-based court, Libyan Justice Minister Ali Khalifa Ashur said Monday.
A score of Libyans complain that Issa Omar Ashur, the interim head of the Libyan Embassy in Sofia, as well as a number of other officials of the diplomatic mission, are not returning their calls and are keeping them away from the Embassy, which is guarded by gendarmes.
Baghdad (NINA) -- Hani Ashur, Iraqiya Slate Advisor, confirmed that "political leaders meeting in President Jalal Talabani's office yesterday was fruitful and brought together viewpoints.
Words were exchanged with three men in another vehicle and unpleasant text messages allegedly followed from Mahad to one of the passengers, Mohamed Ashur.
The banks were: Ashur International Bank (AIB), Al-Mansour Bank and the Iraqi Credit Bank while the hotels were: Ashtar Hotel and Al-Mansour Hotel.
Summary: Saudi police detained 38 people in the holy city of Medina after fighting erupted near Islam's oldest mosque Al-Quba on the Shiite religious holiday of Ashur
The media advisor of Allawi's Iraqiya bloc, Hani Ashur, countered that the head-to-head was the wrong forum to discuss powersharing given that the other leading blocs would be absent.
Iraq-based Ashur Bank has announced that it is planning to launch Islamic banking activities in the country.
A look at Iraqi banks like the Ashur International Bank for Investment shows why.
The banks were the Ashur International Bank (AIB), Al-Mansour Bank and the Iraqi Credit Bank while the hotels were the Ashtar Hotel and Al-Mansour Hotel.
A statement Sunday says Salim Abdullah Ashur al-Shujayri was captured during an Aug.