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an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility


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For (their successors) worshipped Ashtoreth, and that which had been revealed was hidden until Zadok arose, so David's works were accepted, with the exception of Uriah's blood.
49 Sir Henry interprets the Biblical Ashtoreth as Astarte, who is the same as 'Aphrodite of the Greeks', with horns like the half-moon, and suggests that the figures were made by Phoenicians.
Karen Perkins (BA) and Gurcharan Mall, traditional drummer' Sharon Liburd from BA is pictured with Hawlesley Community Centre After School Club Band' Children from the Liquid Dance School, Kings Heath, performing their South America dance routine' Sandra Wood, Birmingham Airport' Roseanne Crossey and Vera Edwards, both BA' Waseley Hills High School pupils and staff: Sian Brown, Becky Spoor, Kerry Thomas, Ashtoreth Gowar
Stylized snakes have often served as the talismans of the gods and spirits who bestow fertility: Ashtoreth of the Canaanites, the demons Fu-Hsi and Nu-kua of the Han Chinese, and the powerful goddesses Mudamma and Manasa of Hindu India.
Graham Lee, who rode Ashtoreth, was given a five-day ban for irresponsible riding.
Egan sent the 25-1 shot on two furlongs from home and only Fiella emerged from the pack to lay down a challenge but she could not quite get on terms with the Nick Littmoden-trained winner who hung on for a half length victory with Ashtoreth back in third.
Against this background, the attempts by the movement's leader, the poet Yonatan Ratosh, and the sculptor Danziger, for example, to hark back to the pre-Judaic, 'Canaanite' culture, the worship of Ashtoreth and Baal, etc.
According to the Old Testament, King Solomon, married to foreign wives, "went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians" (I Kings 11:5).