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an ancient Phoenician goddess of love and fertility


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La compagnie petroliere OMV et la franco- britannique Perenco ont conclu un accord aux termes duquel cette derniere devient en partie la proprietaire de la compagnie petroliere et gaziere independante Serept, ainsi que du champ petrolier offshore Ashtart.
Tunisia's crude oil output comes from many small fields, of which the largest are: Adam, Didon, el-Borma and Ashtart.
Ashtart was found in 1971 by Elf in an offshore area and came on stream in December 1973.
Most oil production comes from just two fields: the Ashtart complex and Eni-Agip's El Borma field, close to the Algerian border.
Par contre, une hausse de la production a ete enregistree dans les champs Maamoura (+93%), Ashtart (+11%), Baraka (+11%), Sidi Kilani (+16%).
However, an increase in production was recorded in the fields of Maamoura (+ 93%), Ashtart (+ 11%), Baraka (+ 11%), Sidi Kilani (+ 16%).
Found in 1971 by Elf Hydrocarbures Tunisie, Ashtart is Tunisia's first offshore field in the Gulf of Gabes 80 km south-east of Sfax.
35m tonnes in 1992 as production from the large Ezzaouia and Ashtart fields declines.
Add to this a 6% decline in terms of production in Ashtart, stopping of production in Miskar due to a problem in the system of control and reduction of production in Anaguid East, following the closure of the well "Amani1", not to mention the continued natural decline in production at major fields like Adam, Cherouk, Ouedzar, Dido and MLD.
Ajoutons a cela, un recul de 6% en termes de la production a Ashtart et l'arret de la production de Miskar suite a un probleme dans le systeme du controle ainsi que la reduction de la production d'Anaguid-Est suite a la fermeture du puits "Amani1" sans oublier la poursuite du declin naturel de la production au niveau des principaux champs comme Adam, Cherouk, Ouedzar, Didon et MLD.
Le champ de Zarat est geologiquement similaire a celui, voisin, de Didon exploite par PA Resources et a d'autres tels que ceux en production, Ashtart et Hasdrubal en Tunisie, et les champs geants d'El Bouri et d'Al Jourf en Libye.
Tunisia's crude oil output comes many small fields, of which the largest are: Adam, Didon, el-Borma and Ashtart.
Portions of the multi-prospect block lie along the productive trends of the very large el-Bouri (Libya) and Ashtart (Tunisia) oilfields which are reported to have produced over 750m barrels and 250m barrels of oil, respectively.
The two-year contract is part of a major programme designed to upgrade existing offshore platforms and increase production volumes from the Ashtart field in the Gulf of Gabes.
Ce recul est du au declin de la production de la plupart des champs tels que : Hasdrubal (-22%), El Borma (-10%), Chourouq (-4%), Oued Zar (-32%), Ashtart (-12%), Hajeb/Guebiba (-20%), Ch.