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a place of religious retreat modeled after the Indian ashram

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(India) a place of religious retreat for Hindus

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Before I begin the analysis of the narratives, I will give some context to the two ashrams.
One of the tangible signs of this trend is the renewed interest in the Catholic ashrams (1) that have been a fertile ground for various experiments in adaptation known as "inculturation.
The investigating agency is now looking into financial transactions and links of Baba's ashrams located outside the state.
Besides ashrams in Rohtak and Barwala, another ashram was under construction in Barwala itself.
Police in India's Haryana state are continuing an operation to arrest a Hindu guru, after nearly 200 people were injured in clashes at his ashram on Tuesday.
In the wake of the fresh rape charges against their spiritual leader and son, protesters stone pelted Asaram's ashram in the outskirts of Rajasthan's Jaipur capital on Monday.
Meanwhile, the Gujarat government has admitted in the Assembly that Asaram Bapu's ashram has encroached upon 67,099 square metres of land in Ahmedabad.
The management of ashrams at Varanasi are in the hands of a few influential people and very little of the funds that they receive by way of donations reach these unfortunate widows.
The two sisters had told the police that Gupta and his wife Varsha were eyewitnesses to many such incidents in the Surat ashram.
Bapu acolytes crowded into the ashram and even attacked TV news crews when police arrived to arrest him.
AT a time when several self- proclaimed godmen and ashrams are making news for the wrong reasons, a similar controversy is brewing in a renowned spiritual centre in Puducherry.
Asaram had built his spiritual empire in Gujarat in the late 1960s and expanded his dynasty by creating about 200 ashrams across India.
Vijayan said the government ought to look into the large amounts of funding and the activities happening in ashrams.
To this, CJI Dattu responded: " A reasonable AT a time when several self- proclaimed godmen, godwomen and ashrams are making news for wrong reasons, the Supreme Court has hinted that it might set up a commission headed by a retired high court judge to probe complaints of sexual harassment filed by women and child inmates of famous Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry against its members.
Unless maybe you count an obscure scriptural dictum that widows, if not remarried to one of their brothers-in-law, should live cloistered in ashrams, impoverished and without love until their own deaths.