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United States anthropologist (born in England) who popularized anthropology (1905-)


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This article is adapted from a speech, prepared with the help of Ashley Montagu, accepting in absentia Montagu's 1995 Humanist of the Year Award, presented by the American Humanist Association.
More recent high-profile scientists who have articulated attacks on race and racism include Ashley Montagu (1942, 1974, 1997) and Stephen Jay Gould (1996).
Boxing great Muhammad Ali will receive the Ashley Montagu Peace Award in recognition of his lifelong work to promote international peace.
Through his own pschoanalysis and his mentor Ashley Montagu, Dr.
Anthropologist Ashley Montagu (1966) observed that cooperation is a key characteristic essential for survival over the course of human history, and that without the ability to interact and problem-solve with others, individuals in early societies would not have been able to survive.
Ashley Montagu once said he wanted to live fast and die young -- as late as possible.
Ashley Montagu sees a wider change taking place in Western consciousness: We in the Western world are beginning to discover our neglected senses.
The volume begins with a chapter by Ashley Montagu, who speaks to the significance of touch for our species across all ages.
Strate goes on to say that the inspiration for McLuhan's saying, the medium is the message, are the words of anthropologist Ashley Montagu who in 1958 wrote: