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a Jew of eastern European or German descent

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Most but not all diseases caused by genetic mutations among Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe are disabling and fatal.
This dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system has been found only in Ashkenazi Jews.
Among its five variations, only Type A is more frequent among Ashkenazi Jews.
Had the preschool incident been an isolated one, I probably would have forgotten it by now, but as I've grown into adulthood, I've found it indicative of the general state of Judaism in America, which is overwhelmingly dominated by Ashkenazi tradition.
But as a grown woman, living on the Lower East Side with my Ashkenazi husband and our 2-year-old daughter, I wonder if I've lost something.
Sutton details that Syrians weren't welcomed to worship with their Ashkenazi co-religionists and soon set up their own congregations on the Lower East Side, first in the basement of the Educational Alliance on East Broadway, then at 48 Orchard Street.
We would encourage Ashkenazi to consult the history of his forces, which have attacked almost nothing but inhabited areas during their regular parades of military hardware through our country.
For example, the Israeli onslaught of 2006 occurred largely in populated areas -- as any visitor to Beirut's southern suburbs can still observe -- when, Ashkenazi informs us, Hizbullah had even less weaponry concealed there than it does today.
Despite the Ashkenazi leadership's belief that bringing together all the different Jews in Israel would create a Jewish nation, the encounter between the traditionally religious Eastern Jews and the secular Ashkenazis had created unexpected crises.
While some Eastern Jews had willingly adopted the Ashkenazi culture and way of life, the majority preferred to adhere to the family and the sectarian synagogue to which they belonged.
Most but not all diseases caused by genetic mutations among primarily Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe are disabling and terminal.
The diseases are not as serious as Ashkenazi genetic diseases, but can cause significant health problems.
But in the course of their rise, they were threatening to transform the Likud from a right-wing Ashkenazi party into a moderate, populist Sephardic party.
Our country, which started its career as an Ashkenazi state, has slipped," writes Amnon Dankner, a left-leaning author and a columnist for the country's biggest newspapers.
They hate Arabs, so they hate those who come close to them," he says of the the Ashkenazi left.