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a Jew of eastern European or German descent

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Although American Jews have not had to dismantle the (often metaphorical) ghetto walls of the Old World, and they were physically far removed from the gas chambers of Auschwitz, by descent, culture and collective memory, many remain tied to Ashkenazic Europe.
COHEN, UNDER CRESCENT AND CROSS 174-75 (1994) (discussing the origins of the Ashkenazic Jewish tendency toward martyrdom).
Woolf, "'Qehillah Qedoshah': Sacred Community in Medieval Ashkenazic Law and Culture," in Holy People: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Religious Communal Indentity, ed.
Traditional, unprofessional Sephardic hazzanim were replaced by "professional" Ashkenazic cantors, and a mostly Ashkenazic chorus was employed.
The ancient pronunciation of the two words was probably the same (as in the Ashkenazic pronunciation), and they might have been written in abbreviated form as just the letter "heh.
than Koestler, an Ashkenazic Jew raised in Habsburg Austria-Hungary,
Consistent with Miles' original conception of racialization being inclusive of whites, it should be noted that there are chapters on Sephardic Jews (who may range over quite a diverse racial spectrum, and have tended to stress--or be obliged to stress--their uniqueness from the Ashkenazic Jewish majority) and Greeks in Calgary, both of which recount some forms of discrimination directed against Caucasian groups.
DAGN Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names, Alexander Beider, 2001
Congregation Rodeph Shalom: As if being the oldest Ashkenazic congregation in the Western Hemisphere isn't enough history, this spectacular synagogue, designed by Frank Furness, also features displays of historic Judaica.
In experiments with two major Israeli ethnic groups, the Ashkenazic and Eastern Jews, FG address the effects of ethnic stereotyping on trust and bargaining.
ADH2 and alcohol-related phenotypes in Ashkenazic Jewish American college students.
Grossman explores the ban against polygyny for Ashkenazic Jewry, attributed to R.
When I was five, an itinerant melamed arrived from Cuba, and the small Ashkenazic community gathered its children into a class so that they might be united not only by the common experience of escape, rescue and refuge, but the ongoing conversation, the nigun and nusach of Jewish learning.
The truth contained in these words has by now been rather underrated, as far as the linguistic identity of Ashkenazic Jewry is concerned.
In Ashkenazic communities, hamantaschen, three-cornered cookies filled with poppy seeds or other fruits, are served.