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a Jew of eastern European or German descent

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For Ashkenazi Jews, subject to the millennium-old ban on polygamy, such arrangements require the agreement of 100 rabbis.
Unlike an Ashkenazi Jew, who may be more prepared for the news that they are a carrier of Tay-Sachs, research shows that most people who undergo carrier screening are (http://www.
Haaretz tried to define Israeliapartheid as "the meticulous sub-division of the people in Israel, guided by a principle of equality that benefits the ruling class", which is the Aryan European Ashkenazi Jews over the Semitic Eastern Arab Jews and the Semitic Palestinian Arab native population.
Critica inverted the stereotype of the Ashkenazi Jew as the "other," using him as a symbol of the successful assimilation of the immigrants and their positive contribution to the economy and culture.
When the ad campaign is considered as a whole, viewers are left with the idea that Blacks, Native Americans, and the Chinese can love Levy's even though they are not Euro/ Ashkenazi Jews.
Originating in Eastern Europe, it was played by Ashkenazi Jews and has since spread into dance halls and underground nightclubs all over the world.
The sources also added that the new prisoner hasn't received attention from the Israeli forces and media and right-wing parties because he's of African origins and that if he was one of the Ashkenazi Jews (Jews of the West) he would've received greater attention from 'Israel'.
Ashkenazi Jews make up the majority of the global Jewish population today, and have been the subject of a lot of genetic research for a few different reasons.
Three inherited mutations in the genes account for 11% of breast cancers and 40% of ovarian cancers among Ashkenazi Jews.
The nation's significant immigrant communities of Russians and Ethiopians routinely complain of discrimination, and its Sephardic Jews trail Ashkenazi Jews from Western Europe in both income and education.
The researchers discovered a specific sequence within the mtDNA belonging to haplogroup N1b1, associated with Ashkenazi Jews.
Scientific analysis found a sequence in the DNA, passed down from mother to daughter, which is strongly associated with the Ashkenazi Jews ethnic division.
of South Alabama) recounts how about 100,000 Ashkenazi Jews left Central and Eastern Europe between 1905 and 1930 to settle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and helped create a new porteno urban national identity while retaining their Jewish ethnic identity.