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a Jew of eastern European or German descent

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This has resulted in some interesting discoveries, including the discovery earlier this year that today's Ashkenazi Jewish population descends from just around 300-400 Ashkenazi Jews during the Medieval Ages.
of South Alabama) recounts how about 100,000 Ashkenazi Jews left Central and Eastern Europe between 1905 and 1930 to settle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and helped create a new porteno urban national identity while retaining their Jewish ethnic identity.
Jordan and Palestine, meanwhile, are one and the same, and Jordan cannot be an occupier because the Jordanians are Arabs in their own land, and not European Ashkenazi Jews.
Witness the incidence of hemophilia in European royal families of the 19th and 20th centuries or the frequent occurrence of genetic disorders like Tay-Sachs disease and cystic fibrosis in isolated ethnic or religious enclaves, such as the Ashkenazi Jews or various Amish communities.
In his brief two months as leader, Bennett has sought to enlarge his party's traditional base by building a broad electoral list, including a Sephardic rabbi in the faction that has traditionally leant towards Ashkenazi Jews of European origin.
And there are 14% more Jews in the Shomron this year than last, something to recall as Ashkenazi Jews start Slichot on Saturday night.
Lawmakers met the chief rabbi for Israel's Ashkenazi Jews, Yona Metzger, this week to discuss the furor.
The findings, published online May 21 in the journal Aging, come from Einstein's Longevity Genes Project, which includes over 500 Ashkenazi Jews over the age of 95, and 700 of their offspring.
Although Glad proposes a different theory, he follows Weyl in suggesting that eugenic practices explain the higher average Jewish IQ, which I have calculated at approximately 110 for Ashkenazi Jews.
The author asserts that while these communities did not seem aware of each other's specific traditions, "medieval Ashkenazi Jews were aware and had internalized Christian concepts and cultural practices" (122).
Women who have had breast cancer or have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, particularly if they are Ashkenazi Jews, should consider getting tested for the BRCA mutation, Kaklamani says.
Day in and out in countless ways, Sephardic Jews are not treated with the same respect and regard as Ashkenazi Jews.
He does not really prove that the Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of the population of the kingdom of Khazaria, who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.
Such founder mutations are not unique to Ashkenazi Jews.
Geneticist Dr Nir Barzilai 's team examined theDNAof500healthy Ashkenazi Jews with an average age of 100.