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chief god of the Assyrians


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Ashir added: "We are planning to leave straight after graduation in two months because what has happened is not so good.
The most prominent among them were Ashir and Subhan Niazi who are great grand sons of late legendary folk artist Tufail Niazi.
Gurban Kuliyev -- Rhapsody -- performed by Ashir Ashyrov and Galkynysh orchestra
We are targeting corporate groups and others working in the Diplomatic Area that are looking to enjoy good food in a relaxing atmosphere before they have to head back to work and meetings," explained sales and marketing co-ordinator Ashir Ghouse, "and it's proving particularly popular.
Par Ingi Amr Selon certains temoignages, des criquets voyageurs seraient arrives Al Hayy Ashir (Rue 10) a la Cite Nasr.
It seems that where there was a wasteland yesterday, today there is a modern building," said 24-year-old student Ashir Nurliyev.
Karzai, his Cabinet ministers, journalists and civil society members left the Kabul International Airport at 10:10 am, head of the government media centre, Ashir, told Pajhwok Afghan News.
One player he will be watching out for is Ashir Nawab, currently the League's leading wicket-taker.
PAK Shaheen under-9s: Back l to r: Shazad Raja (coach) Middle: Owais Rahman, Ashir Zaheer, Saif Hussain, Vinay Singh.
Interestingly Asif's Lahore Gymkhana-mate Muhammad Ashir won the brand new car at same hole last year.
And, voicing its support for the decision, Hakim Ashir, the head of the Government Media and Information Centre, said: "Journalists are going to the scene of ongoing attacks, they endanger themselves.
The Netherlands-based court accuses Al ashir of orchestrating atrocities against civilians in Darfur, where his Arab-led government has been battling ethnic African rebels since 2003.
It would be wrong to say the people who make their lives here and who contribute, like Shazal, the son of old Ashir, who owns the shop on the corner of your street, cannot represent the country that nurtured, educated and looked after him.
Kyle Hewitt, 20, was seen urinating on the carpet of Liquid Nightclub and ejected by doorman Ashir Rashid on April 14 at around 2.
Twice he had the challenger on the verge of a knockdown but Ashir somehow survived.