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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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I emptied an ash tray into the bin, which was full of waste paper, and one of the cigarette ends must have caught fire.
TO "One of the explanations was that she had hit her head on a radiator and another was that she had hit her head on an ash tray.
uk, 0117 974 1084) comes with sparkguard, ash tray and double cooking grill.
Draleau was the driver and said he had a small amount of marijuana in the ash tray.
There's no way you're getting me to put out a newspaper on one of those blanking computers," said our news editor, a 50-something guy who would already have a couple of cigarette butts mashed in his ash tray by the time I arrived at 6 a.
An ash tray on the underside and removable parts make for lighter work after the party.
He would be perched on his leather chair, always smartly-dressed in a three-piece suit, with a full glass of whisky and a much-used ash tray by his side.
With one stripe, I was more concerned about how long my crew chief was going to make me push a broom, pick up trash or worse, empty the shop chief's ash tray.
I also remember dumping an ash tray into the waste basket behind the announcer's chair moments before beginning a Saturday noon newscast.
At one point, it is claimed that he threatened people with an ash tray.
Concluding this might be to do with the problems of re-creating an appropriate atmosphere, I lined up a half bottle of chilled Manzanilla, chain smoked a pack of malodorous Spanish cigarettes, emptied the ash tray on the floor among screwed up napkins, and to the whir of a fan (oven), set to work heating up my first batch of Perween `Carrie Picante' (spicy meat) and `Veruda' (vegetarian) tapas.
Many mothers have the mistaken idea that when they forbid a one-year-old to touch an ash tray or vase by saying, "No, no," the child understands.
It is believed the jacket had been accidentally placed on top of a lit cigarette in an ash tray.
Sadly, the same cannot be said of the area alongside it in Heath Park which is now the ash tray for the discarded cigarette stubs from the groups of uniformed staff who gather there throughout the day.
In addition to the likes of an ash tray on a motor bike, Wayne Rooney's comb, a banana holder (what happens when there's only one?