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a receptacle for the ash from smokers' cigars or cigarettes

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The ash that is generated during this process is collected in an ash tray provided at the bottom, as shown in figure 9(e).
Indeed, I rejoiced when smoking was banned in pubs and bookies for it meant I could indulge in two of my greatest pleasures without filling my lungs with secondhand smoke and without emerging smelling like a ancient ash tray.
The invention's unique design provides its users with a fully usable ash tray that will also draw some laughs.
In the past we've employed: brawling team members, board members trawling Spanish brothels, and players using colleagues as an ash tray - however, this takes the biscuit.
My question to all the people who throw cigarettes from their balconies is: Why smoke if you can't even afford an ash tray and, if you can then what's stopping you from using it?
I use two art gum erasers of different sizes, a clean ash tray or shallow dish, metal tablespoon measure, one can of mineral spirits, one bottle of finish material (I use Tru-Oil), two sheets 320 grit abrasive paper, one sheet 400 grit, several steel wool pads (0000), several pieces of 600 grit silicon carbide wet or dry abrasive paper, one roll of paper towels and some clean, dry newspapers.
Note the table for the off-side passenger ash tray, roof light, newspaper rack, blinds and rug.
Perhaps if you're fed up with royal mania, you can always purchase a celebratory ash tray emblazoned with the couple's faces and stub out a cigarette on them.
Get an empty small boot polish tin, preferably one with a wing type opener, and use it as a portable ash tray.
TO "One of the explanations was that she had hit her head on a radiator and another was that she had hit her head on an ash tray.
uk, 0117 974 1084) comes with sparkguard, ash tray and double cooking grill.
There's no way you're getting me to put out a newspaper on one of those blanking computers," said our news editor, a 50-something guy who would already have a couple of cigarette butts mashed in his ash tray by the time I arrived at 6 a.
With one stripe, I was more concerned about how long my crew chief was going to make me push a broom, pick up trash or worse, empty the shop chief's ash tray.
I also remember dumping an ash tray into the waste basket behind the announcer's chair moments before beginning a Saturday noon newscast.
At one point, it is claimed that he threatened people with an ash tray.