Ash Can

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early 20th-century United States painting

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Typical chemical composition of bottom ash, fly ash, and combined ash can vary substantially.
A number of council officers will visit Queen Street on Friday and will be offering free ash cans to shoppers and workers throughout the day.
But still Benja hesitated, clutching at the sock and staring out of the window, past the ash cans in the uncultivated garden to the slag heap beyond.
In the 20-plus years Richard has been on the bins a lot has changed - from the health and safety nightmare of ash cans to black bags at the kerbside to wheelie bins, and now the assortment of recycling bins and boxes.
And when it came to his adopted city, New York, he engaged not with its grit and ash cans but with its official trappings--particularly its maps and monuments.
And non-smoker RichardPowell says a new social scene has sprung up around the ash cans outside bars, where owners even provide outdoor heaters in the winter.