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(Norse mythology) the heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes

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Thompson revealed the first among these big plans by the new king.A "As new king (of Asgard), she needs to find her queen," Thompson shared.A "That will be the first order of business."
Austrian Marvel fan Anna Potocka was holidaying in Scotland, when she stumbled upon 'New Asgard' almost by chance.
The scenes were shot two years ago in the small Scots fishing village of St Abbs, Berwickshire, which doubles for New Asgard.
Austrian software programmers Anna and Tom Potocka used GPS to track the film locations based on the plot movements of superhero Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, who settles in Scotland after his planet of Asgard.
Asgard's investment in Wild Things provides the company with growth capital and liquidity, reinforcing and expanding its capabilities to pursue new opportunities and support the needs of existing customers.
Asgard Managed Services, a US-based provider of managed security services designed for compliant strict industries like HIPAA, notably offers EverComm which delivers its best in breed solutions via its customized hyper-converged appliance boasting disaster recovery and managed security, all secured by VirnetX Gabriel Communications.
The deaths of Thor's Asgardian comrades, his army and even the destruction of Asgard were all treated too lightly.
Unfortunately, due to sad circumstances, she is back and the most unlikely of partners, half-brothers Thor and Loki are left to defend Asgard from her cruel clutches.
The Space Stone, most often called the Tesseract, is the blue cube that appeared in "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "The Avengers." After Loki (Tom Hiddleston) attacked Earth in the latter, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) took Loki and the Infinity Stone back to Asgard and locked them up.
Thank the Earth, the Heavens and all of Asgard: Marvel is finally taking Thor seriously.
In the realm of Asgard, ruled by Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is an arrogant heir to the throne.
In the realm of Asgard, ruled by Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Thor Chris Hemsworth) is an arrogant heir to the throne.
The Sword of Summer: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1.