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(Norse mythology) the heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes

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Because of these differences, we prefer the interpretations of Bromley and Asgaard (1979), Schlirf and Uchman (2005), and Schlirf et al.
29 October 2010 - Danish real-estate investor Asgaard Group A/S (CPH: ASGGRO) said today it has agreed with Indian conglomerate Siva Group on the development of three specific wind farms in eastern Europe, without disclosing financial details.
It is also visible on Cruziana problematica described in Bromley and Asgaard (1979: 67).
He named the property Asgaard, the name given to the home of the ancient Norse gods.
Hitler planned to construct megalomanic monuments to himself that were fit for the abode of the chief deity of Asgaard and his court.
The ASGAARD Project: A Task-Specific Framework for the Application and Critiquing of Time-Oriented Clinical Guidelines [in process citation].
Roadside Attractions is distributing the Asgaard Entertainment picture.
In contrast, for continental deposits, possible producers include notostracan crustaceans (Bromley and Asgaard, 1979; Pollard, 1985).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-28 May 2008-Danish property developer Asgaard Group A/S posts 1H pre-tax profit of DKK19.
Rather than a catalogue, articles from the Louisiana Magasin and a special edition of the Louisiana Revy accompany the exhibition: there is in the latter a gnomic piece of outstanding density by Kenneth Frampton, but also useful contributions by others, including Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup, Richard Weston, Michael Asgaard Andersen, and Francoise Fromonot.
The Kent dairy farm, Asgaard, lay at the edge of the mountainous Adirondack National Park and consisted of sweeping meadows.
A total of 18 companies were transferred to the observation segment of which four took place in December: Mols-Linien A/S awaits the approval and publication of an agreement with A/S Storebaeltforbindelsen; Asgaard Development A/S awaits a decision to de-merge the company and Akademisk Boldklub A/S awaits the submission of a bid; and finally N0rhaven A/S awaits the submission of a bid.
The Danish property developer Asgaard Development A/S issued on Friday (26 May) its report for the first half of the financial year 2005/2006, posting an operating result of DKK18.
In the Asgaard field, Schlumberger is providing seamless 24/7 support between the field and Statoil's Stjordal center and Schlumberger's centers in Aberdeen and Stavanger.