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(Norse mythology) the heavenly dwelling of the Norse gods (the Aesir) and slain war heroes

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However, in the marine realm, Bromley and Asgaard (1991) considered the Nereites ichnofacies to comprise a Zoophycos ichnofacies, and one or more as yet unnamed graphoglyptid ichnofacies.
Firemen battle to save the old Philharmonic Hall during the fire of July, 1933 Vasily Petrenko and Philharmonic musicians Simon Cowen, Concettina Del Vecchio, Rachael Pankhurst, Graham Johns Asgaard and Robin Haggart P s, Jonathan Picture: MARK McNULTY
The band had been hired by Durham University to play contemporary pieces by composers including Norwegian Turstein Asgaard Nilsen.
LITTLE did Liverpool Phil musician Jonathan Asgaard realise what a song and dance would be made of the birth of his baby son.
He named the property Asgaard, the name given to the home of the ancient Norse gods.
announces the first beta release of the Asgaard Secure Site Server Internet Appliance ((C) and (TM) 1998), the "Asgaard SS-1"((C) and (TM) 1998), together with its "RoadWarrior" Mobile Connectivity Software ((C) and (TM) 1998).
Roadside Attractions is distributing the Asgaard Entertainment picture.
In contrast, for continental deposits, possible producers include notostracan crustaceans (Bromley and Asgaard, 1979; Pollard, 1985).