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Synonyms for Ashur

chief god of the Assyrians


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an ancient Assyrian city on the Tigris and traditional capital of Assyria

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ASER survey also collected information on parental education (primary completion rates).
It is difficult to pinpoint the reasons for the improvement or decline in learning outcomes, and reasons differ across states, Wilima Wadhwa, director of the ASER centre, told IndiaSpend.
(iii) The closed-form expression for the end-to-end ASER (31) is derived, which can efficiently evaluate the system performance.
Meanwhile, (29) can also provide approximate ASER evaluation for other modulations, e.g., (a = 2,b = [sin.sup.2]([pi]/M)) for M-PSK (M [greater than or equal to] 4)), and the modulation formats whose ASER can be expressed as a finite weighted summation of the Q- and [Q.sup.2]-function, e.g., M-QAM [7].
The ASER (2010) collected data on 1900 rural households across 32 districts of Pakistan covering 54062 children aged 3-16.
Aser El Saqqa, the founder and director of Arts Canteen, says: We are excited to be bringing this selection of work to the North-East for the first time and that the work of contemporary Arab artists is finally being recognised and celebrated in the UK.
Siemeh will be laid to rest today in Sahab cemetery southeast of Amman after Al Aser prayers.
Fe gafwyd dau fab sef Gad ac Aser. Mae'n siwr bod y 'lady's maid' wrth ei bodd.
Ghazi bin Abdulrahman Al-Qusaibi after Aser Prayer today at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh.
"The mall has definitely been busier compared to last year's DSS and the reports on sales from our retailers have been very positive so far," said Aser Al Baseer, PR and communications manager at Wafi, a key sponsor of DSS.
Pakistan, May 16 -- Pakistan has produced a remarkable initiative in ASER. 'Aser' in Urdu means 'impact' but here it stands for Assessment Survey of Education whose first report for the year 2008 has just been launched.
After Dhuhur prayers, people come back to their homes and rest until Aser prayers.
Summary: The Moroccan Electricity Utility (Office national de l'electricite ONE) and the Senegalese Agency for Rural Electrification (ASER) signed, here Friday, a 25-year concession contract for the electrification of the Saint Louis-Dagana-Podor region.
"Unless you had done something really wrong you would never get the hairdry er aser. But when you got into the first-team, if things weren't going well, you were told in no uncertain terms."