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sexually produced fungal spore formed within an ascus

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Ascospores of coprophilous fungi isolated from different dung samples are furthermore helpful to determine the occurrence of ancient herbivores (Ambroise et al.
However, some species of Ascomycetes are asexual, where they do not have sexual cycle thus do not form ascospores.
Many specimens of crustose lichens were either sterile or had immature ascospores and were not able to be identified.
We first observed that there was a delay in the release of ascospores from the remaining overwintering cleistothecia such that release did not occur even though conditions were suitable until a period of warm weather occurred.
Apple scab, for example, manifested itself in black fungal lesions on the surface of leaves, buds, or fruits, and underwent sexual reproduction in the leaf litter around the base of the tree over winter, producing a new generation of ascospores the following spring.
92 ascospores are described corticolous lichen species, grouped in 38 genera and 18 familism, distributed in the Caribbean region of Colombia.
Hypocrea/Trichoderma (Ascomycota, Hypocreales, Hypocreaceae): species with green ascospores, Studies in Mycology 48: 1-119.
Basidiospores, 98%; Cladosporium, 97%; Ascospores, 92%) were detected most frequently indoor and reflected what was detected outdoors and molds associated with severe water damage (e.
Carpogenic germination forms a fruiting body called apothecia, which houses the ascospores of the fungus and is considered crucial for the expression of the disease and the epidemic process (Kohn, 1979).
3]) Sample 1 Duplicate Sample algae - - Alternaria - - ascospores 75 225 basidiospores 633 633 Botrytis - - Cercospora - - Cladosporium 83 142 clear brown - - Curvularia - - Curvularia-Xike - - Dechslera/Bipolaris group - - Epicoccum - - Helicosporium / Helicomyces - - hyphal elements 8 - Monochaetia - - Nigrospora - - Oidium - - Penicillium/Aspergillus 150 83 group Peronospora - - smuts, Periconia, - - myxomycetes Torula - - unknown - - Total 949 1083 Table 6.
Ascospores short ellipsoidal, fusoid, laterally compressed, golden yellow brown, 7.
The clustered asci were clavate with each containing 8 ascospores; the ascospores were 9-11 [micro]m x 6.