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Registro de Morchella guatemalensis (Fungi, Ascomycotina) para Mexico.
The cell cycle of the photobiont of the lichen Parmelia sulcata (Lecanorales, Ascomycotina) during the development of thallus lobes.
& Elix, J.A.--2002--The lichen genus Xanthoparmelia (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae) in Italy--Lichenologist 34(3): 189-198.
The anatomical and morphological features of perithecia were characteristic of members of the Order Hypocreales, Subdivision Ascomycotina (Gerlach and Nilssen, 1963; Rossman, 1983; Samuels and Brayford, 1990; Rossman et al., 1999; Brayford et al., 2004).
A synopsis of the lichen genus Xanthoparmelia (Vainio) Hale (Ascomycotina, Parmeliaceae).
One of the major types of mycorrhiza, the ectomycorrhiza, involves an estimated 5000 species of fungi in the subphyla Ascomycotina and Basidiomycotina (Kendrick 1992, Molina et al.
Epichloe species (Ascomycotina, Clavicipitaceae) and their related asexual Acremonium anamorphs are common endophytic symbionts of grasses of the subfamily Pooideae (White 1987; Leuchtmann 1992).