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Mycobiont-photobiont interactions in adult thalli and in axenically resynthesized pre-thallus stages of Xanthoriaparietina (Teloschistales, lichenized Ascomycetes).Biblioth.Lichenol.38:191-208.
The results of the present work conclude that the modified growth medium and the simple staining techniques shall be useful to study the different forms of Ascomycetes fungi and their endophytic life style pattern.
Durand (1923) Un raro ascomycete encontrado en Saja (Cantabria).
In previous studies, identifications of ascomycetes were based on morphological characters such as mycelia colour, growth pattern, hyphae septate or non-septate, perithecia shape or colour, ascospores arrangement in an ascus etc.
Medicinal Value of the caterpillar fungi species of the genus Cordyceps (Fr) Link (Ascomycetes).
A synopsis of the species of Amandinea (lichcnized Ascomycetes, Physciaceae) as presently known in North America.
Coleoptera Associated with an Hypoxylon Species (Ascomycetes: Xylariaceae) on Oak.
The genus Sordaria is a unique coprophilous fungus of Sordariaceae family belongs to the class ascomycetes and from the order Sordariales and is closely related to Podospora and Neurospora.
Chang, "Optimization of solid state culture conditions for the production ofadenosine, cordycepin, and d-mannitol in fruiting bodies of medicinal caterpillar fungus cordyceps militaris (L.:Fr.) link (Ascomycetes)," International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, vol.
Mating type a-1 proteins, encoded by mat-a-1 genes, determine the sexual compatibility and vegetative incompatibility with A mating types in many ascomycetes. As understood many genes involved in sexual development of fungi are under the influence of MAT genes because these genes encode their transcriptional regulators [14].