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In previous studies, identifications of ascomycetes were based on morphological characters such as mycelia colour, growth pattern, hyphae septate or non-septate, perithecia shape or colour, ascospores arrangement in an ascus etc.
Extracellular laccases in ascomycetes Trichoderma atroviride and Trichoderma harzianum.
Development of primer sets designed for use with the PCR to amplify conserved genes from filamentous ascomycetes.
Flora, Corol, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, C, Lu, Or).
Six immunosuppressive from Ascomycete, Zopfiella longicaudata, found in a screening study monitored by immunodulatory activity.
del banco de germoplasma del INIA-CENIAP Maracay Cultivares Hongos Criollo Hadden % IF % IF Ascomycetes Aithaloderma sp.
Other fungi used are Ascomycetes of the genus Ophiostoma, which have the capacity to synthesize melanin inside the hyphae and grow through the sapwood, producing colors that range from black to blue (Seifert 1993), and the fungus Scytalidium cuboideum (Sacc.
Lichens are in fact an ecosystem comprising of a photobiont that can either be a green alga (Chlorophyta) or a cyanobacterium and a mycobiont that in most cases belongs to the Ascomycetes.
A re-evaluation of the bitunicate Ascomycetes with keys to families and genera.
This vine has all the symptoms of classical Esca disease where there is black goo staining in young xylem tissue, brown wood in older wood, and the classic white rot caused when basidiomycetes finish off what ascomycetes starts.