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accumulation of serous fluid in peritoneal cavity

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AmpC-positive organisms were also isolated from pus, urine, sputum, CSF and ascitic fluid (table 3).
Patient demographics: A total of 88 patients (40 SBP and 48 CNNA) with advanced liver cirrhosis had been identified with ascitic fluid infection.
During 2 months of hospital stay, 30 L of chylous pleural fluid and 3 L chylous ascitic fluid were aspirated.
Ascitic fluid bilirubin/serum bilirubin ratio of 0.
The abdominal ultrasonography revealed ascitic fluid in abdomen and chronic venous congestion in liver.
A percutaneous abdominal puncture was performed and 2 L of ascitic fluid was aspirated.
3]), while the bacterial culture sampled from the ascitic fluid remained sterile.
Concentration of antibodies in ascitic fluid was determined by the method of M.
One isolate was from a brain abscess (10); three were reported in patients with pulmonary infections (2,11-14); one isolate was recovered in a bowel abscess and was associated with colon carcinoma (15); two cases of mycetomas from Japan were published (16,17); one isolate has been recovered from ascitic fluid, (8) one was responsible for an endogenous endophtalmitis, (18) and recently, a case of N.
Intra-operative findings included very thin subcutaneous tissue, 300 ml of ascitic fluid, collateral blood vessels involving the omentum and rectus muscle.
Subsequent to the prostate biopsy, 3 of 5 urine cultures, 1 of 3 sputum cultures, and the ascitic fluid culture returned as positive for pan-sensitive MTB.
A routine laboratory investigation of ascitic fluid showed < 500 leukocytes/[micro]L and < 250 polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs)/[micro]L.
With the effects of gravity, the lower extremities begin to retain fluid, and ascitic fluid fills the dependent scrotum.