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accumulation of serous fluid in peritoneal cavity

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Ascitic fluid was not consistent with bacterial peritonitis.
In a previous study, increased AGP fucosylation was found in ascitic fluid from a patient with cirrhosis (7).
Evaluation of the ascitic fluid typically reveals a high albumin content.
The cells were harvested, and an indirect immunofluorescence assay was performed by using a panel of mouse polyclonal hyperimmune ascitic fluid specific to a variety of flaviviruses.
In four pleural and one ascitic fluid samples, excluded from statistical analysis, radioopaque agents caused a spurious peak in the [[alpha].
Continuous cell lines and immune ascitic fluid pools in arbovirus detection.
We determined complement and immunoglobulin levels in ascitic fluid and serum of 47 patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, malignant ascites, or tuberculous ascites.
The pathogenesis of spontaneous ascitic fluid infection appears to involve translocation of bacteria from the gut to the mesenteric lymph nodes, depressed reticuloendothelial phagocytic activity, and deficient ascitic fluid antibacterial activity.
Samples of blood and ascitic fluid were inoculated into aerobic and anaerobic blood culture bottles.
Smears of ascitic fluid showed a few atypical cells with the same configuration as those seen in the recurrent tumor, as well as a few larger atypical cells.
Prostate specific antigen in ascitic fluid [Technical Brief].
Tuberculous peritonitis-associated mortality is high among patients waiting for the results of mycobacterial cultures of ascitic fluid samples.
15) Transdiaphragmatic migration of ascitic fluid causes hepatic hydrothorax in 5% to 25% of cirrhotic patients.
Matrix effects of ascitic fluid constituents in the PSA assays were excluded by performing dilutions of samples having high PSA content.