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a woman whose merits were not been recognized but who then achieves sudden success and recognition

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Critique: Beautifully illustrated throughout with flawlessly reproduced images, "A Wish Your Heart Makes: From the Grimm Brothers' Aschenputtel to Disney's Cinderella" by Charles Solomon is deftly organized into three major sections: Once Upon a Time; Walt Disney's Cinderella Story; A Live-Action Fairy Tale.
Lustig, called an Aschenputtel, is translated as a "heap of ashes" though this is the German name for Cinderella.
In Grimm's version of Cinderella, Aschenputtel (the little ash girl), the stepsisters have their eyes pecked out by birds at the story's conclusion.
4 Meine Lehrerin meint dass "Disney hat das deutsche Kulturgut gestohlen, als er die verschiedene 5 Marchen wie Aschenputtel und Schneewittchen verfilmt hat.
Grimm's original Germanlanguage fairy tale, Aschenputtel, and Disney's English-language animated adaptation, "Cinderella," illustrate the concept for a German-American partnership.