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United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yiddish (1880-1957)

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Only one paramedic expressed concern that the families expected something to be done at the scene, and that withholding care might create an undesirable impression (Grudzen, Asche & Koenig, 2010).
SmartArc, available as a module in Philips' Pinnacle3 Version 9, integrated beautifully with Elekta Infinity to facilitate VMAT plans, Asche says.
Rachel Asche, Director of Public Relations, PR Newswire, +1-212-282-1929 or rachel.
CAIAA's executive director, Craig Asche, will make a short presentation at the event, where he will discuss the CAIA designation program, highlight the Association's growth, both domestically and internationally, and detail the long-term benefits of CAIAA membership.
For more information or to reserve a seat, call Scott Van Asche at (479) 418-4824 or e-mail svanasche@ arwtc.
For the full survey results, contact Lindsey Asche at 404-222-0600, l.
Also working tirelessly were chairs Kathryn Denos, NCTM, composition; Jeanne Grealish, NCTM, junior; Mallie Riecken, NCTM, senior; and Charles Asche, young artist, who carried out the successful competitions in Long Beach.
Contacts: Rachel Asche, director of public relations, PR Newswire at +1-212-282-1929 or rachel.
There has been a marked increase in the number of candidates interested in the CAIA program from London, Paris and throughout Europe over the last year," Asche said.
The 5,914-SF casual-dining restaurant will be located the corner of Van Asche and Mall Avenue.
MTNA Young Artist/Chamber Music Performance Competitions Coordinator: Charles Asche, 690 N.
The batter, Kirk Asche, made the mistake devastating by hitting a two-run homer on the next pitch.
At the lunch, CAIAA's executive director, Craig Asche, will make a short presentation about the CAIA designation, its importance to the alternative investment world, the organization's growth and reach, and will take questions from attendees.