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United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yiddish (1880-1957)

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The Paks, who own the Shogun restaurant in Fayetteville, bought the land, along with an adjacent 1-acre plot that fronts Van Asche, for $1 million in 2015.
Only one paramedic expressed concern that the families expected something to be done at the scene, and that withholding care might create an undesirable impression (Grudzen, Asche & Koenig, 2010).
Asche and Wilson (1989a) noted that Tarophagus species are found on taro, but made no direct claims concerning host specificity.
An internationally famous actor and impresario, Asche (1872-1936) managed London's Adelphi and Her Majesty's theatres and wrote Chu Chin Chow, which ran at Her Majesty's from 1916 until 1921.
Moving to the rural scene, Asche attacks the record of state extension services in promoting agricultural development, and endorses the efforts of innovative non-governmental programmes such as Six-S and its grouppements Naam; this is a tired critique (the Six-S movement is not without its problems
The area has received a double boost with the construction of a flyover bridge connecting College Avenue with the Fulbright Expressway that has an exit onto Steele Crossing, and with the completion of the east-west Van Asche Drive extension that connects Gregg Avenue with Highway 112.
Also instrumental in making our weekend a success were chairs Doris Chase, composition; Jeanne Grealish, NCTM, junior high; Mallie Riecken, NCTM, high school; and Charles Asche, collegiate.
Fast forward past best-known hits Du Hast and Ich Will and listen instead to the express train crash rock of Feuer Frei, the goose-stepping Links 2-3-4 and a barnstorming Asche Zu Asche.
Pak bought the property through his JJSJ Pak LLC from Van Asche LLC of Chicago.
Young Artist/Chamber Performance Coordinator: Charles Asche, 690 N.