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Synonyms for ascetic

Synonyms for ascetic

someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline

pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

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According to the Jain society in Neemuch, when the couple resolved to become ascetics questions were raised as to who would take care of their two years 10-month-old daughter Ibhya, who has been given for adoption to Anamika's brother and sister-in-law.
Gina Cogan's study of the life and ascetic practice of Bunchi (1619-1697), the eldest daughter of Emperor Go-Mizunoo and founder of Enshoji, a Rinzai Zen convent that she established at Shugakuin in Kyoto in 1642, provides valuable insight into religious reform in early modern Japan.
In essence, the ability of Hindu and Muslim ascetics to engage the masses in anticolonial uprisings was perceived as a potential threat to Company rule (see Pinch; Dasgupta), and later officials of the East India Company specifically shaped an imperial vision of Indian asceticism as a social and political obstacle to Britain's "humane" imperialism.
It is also an exhortation to experience the natural world with the crystalline insights of the desert ascetic or the intensity of the artist and, ultimately, to hear the Word in the pure silence of ecological contemplation.
Thousands of police and volunteers are being used for crowd control during the Kumbh Mela, manning the river bank when the pilgrims and naked, dreadlocked ascetics dash into the water to bathe.
For seven years he led an ascetic life of solitude in the Carpathian mountains, living apart from his wife for much of the time.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi paid homage to the departed ascetic.
As heirs to the martyrs, ascetics embodied and made present the foundational values of the community; "the primordial past resided in the numinous space created by the ascetic" (p.
The intellectual substratum of Jasper's reflections is considerable, and philosophical arguments from Kant, Hegel, and particularly Heidegger break through the surface of the narrative and provide contours for navigating issues of ascetic judgement and of the existential condition of human beings, who paradoxically, find final resolution in the holding together of opposites, of light in darkness and of life in death.
41) We know that on his eastern tour he was impressed by the physical endurance of the ascetics whom he encountered, and we also have an account of the manual labors that he and Gregory performed during their rural retreat.
He explains the various divisions within the movement, from those who supported them but preferred secular life to extreme ascetics who rejected any comfort the world offered.
Other aristocrats found the degrees of sexual hierarchy commensurate with aristocratic competition and housed ascetics as a way to advance their families' reputations.
Not surprisingly, tensions arose when ascetics became bishops.
With an emphasis on community, simplicity, learning and perseverance which were hallmarks of the ancients, the Essene Book Of Everyday Virtues underscores how in these present times, so many centuries later, what those long-lost ascetics, scholars, visionaries, and holy men have to offer us in achieving lives of spiritual wealth and abundance today.
The lohans, Buddhist ascetics whose meditative personas inspired the pursuit of compassion and enlightenment, became a popular subject in paintings.