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Synonyms for asceticism

Synonyms for asceticism

the doctrine that through renunciation of worldly pleasures it is possible to achieve a high spiritual or intellectual state

the trait of great self-denial (especially refraining from worldly pleasures)

rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint

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most ascetic practices involve some kind of internal struggle: an
As the letters of Pelagius and Jerome suggest, it would be equally reasonable for Augustine to address Demetrias's ascetic practices and to criticize Pelagius's construction of her virginal life.
The ritual role played by breath in the recitation of mantras, many of which included the names of the various bodily winds, reflects the ongoing process of ritual internalization by means of ascetic practices involving breath control and rhythmic breathing.
The degree to which a sadhu--a general Hindu term for all renunciants--makes a commitment to perform a particular ascetic practice or set of practices is seen to reflect his seriousness and resolve to follow the renunciant lifestyle, his gradual relinquishing of attachment to the material world, and his taking charge of his own spiritual progress.
According to McGowan, this diversity is an important aspect of early Christianity, especially because of a correlation between these differences in eucharistic elements and more general ascetic practices.
Absent or present, the council members represented over 5,000 years of holy books and spiritual texts and ascetic practices and meditation.
How are ascetic practices and this experience related?
It is in this desert of ordinary life--for the monk as well as for any seeker --that the goal of any ascetic practices comes to fruition.
But the book is about the ascetic practices of early Christian monks who flourished in the fourth to the sixth centuries.
Yeshe speaks directly to college-age Americans' rejection of ascetic practices and their desire for power, speed, and efficiency in the first paragraph of chapter three when he promotes the tantric path: "Instead of advocating separation from worldly pleasures the way many other traditions do, tantra emphasizes that it is much more effective for human beings to enjoy themselves and channel the energy of their enjoyments into a quick and powerful path to fulfillment and enlightenment" (17).
This subtle interaction between the secular ascetic practices and the hedonistic promises of modern self-help is central to one of self-help's major branches: the Seduction Community.
15) Not surprisingly, some continued ascetic practices.
These white-robed early risers had come seeking an authentic experience of traditional mountain ascetic practices along the well-trod Kumano pilgrimage route.
Jasper marshals a variety of witnesses to show how ascetic practices can transfigure the human form so that it radiates the very light of the invisible God, but in seeking to subjugate the flesh, one can easily come to view the physical body with contempt.
Evagrius's writings on ascetic practices are directives in how to understand the use of the cell.