Ascension of Christ

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(New Testament) the rising of the body of Jesus into heaven on the 40th day after his Resurrection


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Thus the horizon of faith is illumined and enlarged by the ascension of Christ in whom the glory of true life is revealed" (120).
Fourth, during the period from the ascension of Christ to Pentecost the church existed in Christ, since Christ assumed the flesh of the church when he became incarnate, but the church was not operative in the world, because the ascended Christ was no longer visible and the Holy Spirit had not yet been sent to the world.
At the same time, the church, although she existed in Christ, remained inactive after the ascension of Christ until the descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, since the ascended Christ was no longer visible in the world and his promise to send the Holy Spirit had not yet been accomplished.
1540, first published in 1547) are strongly contrasted poetic works: the first deals with the human heart's inability to attain perfect love as set forth by neoplatonism and courtly love; the second is an affirmative statement of belief in and celebration of the ascension of Christ whose new law of love triumphs over the Old Testament law.
Promulgated in January 1336, the constitution Benedictus Deus taught that, since the ascension of Christ, the soul enjoyed the visio Dei immediately after any necessary purgation, and prior to the general judgement and its reunion with the body.
It is not mere coincidence that we celebrate the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ at this time of year.
This is to say that the bodily resurrection and ascension of Christ inaugurates a new expansion of the incarnation and, consequently, a new way of relating to Christ (see Col 3).
The Venetians do not appear to realize that this holy day (solenita) is meant to commemorate the Ascension of Christ.
The impressive model of the work shows intriguingly intertwined strands of steel rising skywards depicting the Ascension of Christ an d the Descent of the Holy Spirit.
When he came to see the new window - The Ascension of Christ - he "was so struck by admiration that I undertook to fill the windows on either side with compositions which I hoped to make worthy of my achievement".
The topirs covered include the humanity of Christ; the property of the natures; ubiquity; ascension of Christ into Heaven; the place of Christ's body in Heaven; the presence of Christ's body; Melanchthon's position; analogical arguments for ubiquity; and, ubiquity as a source of spiritual comfort.