Ascension Day

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(Christianity) celebration of the Ascension of Christ into heaven

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My friend Anas availed the 55 per cent discount announced by the RAK Police to mark 7th anniversary of the Ascension Day of Ruler of RAK.
For over 100 years, Father's Day in Germany has been celebrated on Ascension Day, which is the 40th Day after Easter Sunday and therefore always falls on a Thursday.
That response inspired the archbishops to launch "Thy Kingdom Come," a global call to prayer between Ascension Day and the Day of Pentecost, 2017.
We also believe that, somehow, Jesus carried everything he experienced of humanity into the life of the Trinity on Ascension Day.
one of His many Ascension Day manifestations--puzzling, thespianly
The festival of la Sensa is held in May on the Sunday after Ascension Day and follows a reenactment of the traditional ceremony where the Doge enacted the wedding of Venice to the sea.
The private travel segment was positively influenced by these holidays falling in May - for example, with the Ascension Day weekend in southern Germany held earlier than last year - as well as by some travelers taking their vacations sooner in conjunction with the European soccer championship.
In recent years, the people of the Matsu Islands have held annual Matsu Ascension Day events to commemorate her selfless sacrifice, generous spirit and filial piety.
Cross-country is the speciality here, with the climax of the summer meeting being the Ascension Day Holiday on Monday, August 15.
ON ASCENSION Day Christians are reminded of Christ's last commission: "Go out to the whole world" (Mark 16:15).
As well as visiting the school as part of the selection process she joined pupils and staff for an Ascension day service.
People were out celebrating Orthodox Ascension day when the bus is reported to have come rushing down the hill and crashed into the group walking on the side of the road.
Whitsun has pretty well universally been altered to the more prosaic Spring Bank Holiday, and I'm not sure that Radio 4 plays a hymn on Ascension Day anymore.
Here he disrupts an Ascension Day service with a rip-roaring burp, fails to be elected house captain, uses a compass to try and drill a hole in his bedroom wall so he can spy on his big sister's friends, and is derided for never once taking off his school blazer.
Burundi bucked the international trends, deciding to delay labour day celebrations to allow the overwhelmingly Christian population to mark Ascension Day.