Ascaridia galli

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intestinal parasite of domestic fowl

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Khayatnouri Mirhadi, Garedaghi Yagoob, Khalili Heidar and Arbati Alireza: The Effect of Ivermectin Pour-on Administration Against Natural Ascaridia Galli Infestation and its Prevalence in Native Poultry
In present study a total number of 120 native poultry to Ascaridia galli infestation, from 20 different farms in Tabriz area were subjected for fecal examination and EPG.
The most important GI nematode responsible for considerable production losses in poultry is Ascaridia galli [26,27].
In present study, the drug effect was observed 28 days after treatment by pour on Ivermectin administration on ascaridia galli 97.
Anthelmintic activity of ivermectin against experimental Ascaridia galli infection in chickens.
Immunity development in chickens to the large intestinal roundworm Ascaridia galli.
Western blot analysis showed that at least one prominent band of 55-72 kDa was detectable, using serum from infected hen with Ascaridia galli (fig.
Further investigations on the use of irradiated eggs to develop immunity against Ascaridia galli in chickens.
Genetic differences of Ascaridia galli egg output in laying hens following a single dose infection.