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(Hinduism) a posture or manner of sitting (as in the practice of yoga)

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Hardy, in this book, marries the insights into yoga asana with insights into autism and its therapeutic angles, with an intersection at embodied emotionality.
Yoga asanas help improve cardiovascular function, pulmonary function, nerve conduction velocity in diabetes mellitus patients, increasing longevity and better lifestyle because of better glycemic control with reduced complications.
After the musical introduction, the class moves on to the asanas, flowing through poses that have been designed to evoke the theme of the poem: a series of forward bends inspired by a poem about humility, for example; or, for a poem about gratitude, a series of heart-opening poses.
BEIRUT: "Children naturally do yoga," instructor Sahar al-Khatib says, explaining that among the asanas, or yoga postures, are a number of "child poses" named thus after the positions youngsters manipulate their bodies into without direction.
It would have been nice to see pictures of the postures and some guidance on which asanas are important in recovery.
I think humans in general are becoming more conscious about their health and quality of life, and yoga supports this, whether through the physical asana practice or the subtle aspects of the mind.
A pratica de asanas (posturas) e um fenomeno que nao tem paralelo nos tempos pre-modernos; dai que Singleton investiga a origem desta tendencia e nos deleita com uma fascinante viagem no tempo.
A large section of the book consists of the asanas, or poses.
Accompanied by three-dimensional illustrations of outstanding accuracy, detail and beauty the text comprehensively sets out the anatomical forces in action throughout the musculoskeletal system when asanas are being performed.
True, I don't think about work, life, the universe and strange ad jingles as I do these asanas.
Some books even refer to particular asanas depending upon the medical requirement.
New Delhi, Delhi, March 8, 2011 /India PRwire/ - Volunteers from Dhyan Foundation, a spiritual and charitable organization dedicated to spreading the message of true Yog and charity in society, today commemorated International Women's Day by demonstrating Yogic asanas that are beneficial for women.
The postural alignment of the asanas described in this article are based on Anusara yoga, which focuses on specific principles of alignment.
Pranayam and Omkar are asanas, which help a person increase his or her breath and enrich the voice.