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a volcano in central Honshu near Nagano

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Asama specialises in the cryptocurrency data mining with over 5,000 machines in 4 locations in Vietnam, blockchain investments and its proprietary cryptocurrency investment-trading platform.
(2009) Detecting a mass change inside a volcano by cosmic-ray muon radiography (muography): First results from measurements at asama volcano, Japan.
Asama Sonuclarinin Incelenmesi (Bursa Ornegi) New World Sciences Academy, Volume: 3, Number: 2 Article Number: B0019
Trains that shuttle between Toyama and Kanazawa will be named Tsurugi, while trains that run on the conventional Nagano Shinkansen Line will use Asama as before.
"This important agreement between Japan and Bahrain will enhance co-operation in pharmaceutical and clinical research," added Mr Asama.
30 maddelik olcegin ilk asama faktoriyel analiz calismasinda, bu faktor yuklerinin ayni faktor altinda yer aldigi gozlendi.
The film closes with the siege of the Asama Sanso lodge in Nagano, where the five remaining members of the group take an innkeeper's wife hostage in a ten-day standoff against the police, before eventually being arrested.
Chapter nine deals with the failure of Nomura's mission, his return to Japan in the summer of 1942 as a result of the diplomat exchange via the Gripsholm and Asama Maru, and his low-keyed activities during the remainder of the War.
So far 2009 looks like it is off to a fast start, too, with Mount Redoubt letting loose in Alaska, Japan's Mount Asama raining ash on Tokyo and an undersea volcano in Tonga breaching the surface and growing an island.
Damascus, Mar 24 ( ANI ): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife, Asama, told a friend that she had concluded that she was a 'monster' after completing an online personality test, a cache of leaked private emails have revealed.
His wife Asama, 36, is revealed as a shopaholic who bought clothes from Harrods and furniture from Britain.
Seasonality in crab occurrence has been reported for several hosts (Christensen & McDermott, 1958; Alves & Pezzuto, 1998; Narvarte & Saiz, 2004; Sun et al., 2005; Asama & Yamaoka, 2009).
Giderek artan yayin kalitesi ile her gecen sayida asama kaydettigimizi gormek bizleri mutlu etmektedir.
University of Tokyo Professor Hajime Asama said, ''Mobilizing a robot without any consideration (for radiation) could complicate the situation and may even hinder work.''
Multi agent system design has been developing since 1980s (Asama et.