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United States botanist who specialized in North American flora and who was an early supporter of Darwin's theories of evolution (1810-1888)


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15) Asa Gray in particular said he saw no conflict between the traditional story of creation, as he said in print and in public, but he did see a potential conflict between Darwin's idea of selection and what he called "the fortuitous.
2) The fact that the variations on which natural selection worked appeared randomly, and could not be immediately correlated with a prospective use, predisposed him against the view proposed by Asa Gray that novel variations were micro-managed by the deity.
Later in life Darwin would bemoan the apparent amorality of nature when he wrote to his friend Asa Gray (Darwin, 1860):
He sent a confidential abstract of it to Asa Gray at Harvard in 1857.
His contribution of seventy-six species to the Flora of John Torrey and Asa Gray was gratefully acknowledged; they named the genus Chapmania in his honor.