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United States botanist who specialized in North American flora and who was an early supporter of Darwin's theories of evolution (1810-1888)


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Another APS member and frequent correspondent with Endlicher was Asa Gray.
The manual's author, Asa Gray, a naturalist who taught at Harvard, the university most directly implicated in Darwin's reception in North America, can be shown to have impressively early knowledge of evolution: Charles Darwin read Gray's Manual, finding it so remarkable that he, Darwin, initiated a written correspondence with Gray.
Como ha hecho observar el profesor Asa Gray, (4) <<las esporas y otros cuerpos reproductores de muchas de las algas inferiores pueden alegar que tienen primero una existencia animal caracteristica y despues una existencia vegetal inequivoca>>.
As he confided to the Harvard botanist Asa Gray in a letter of May 1860:
Later in life Darwin would bemoan the apparent amorality of nature when he wrote to his friend Asa Gray (Darwin, 1860):
He sent a confidential abstract of it to Asa Gray at Harvard in 1857.
His contribution of seventy-six species to the Flora of John Torrey and Asa Gray was gratefully acknowledged; they named the genus Chapmania in his honor.
As it happens, Newman rather favored a more directed process than did Darwin, but so did others, including Darwin's own evangelical Presbyterian American supporter, Asa Gray, and the chief Catholic spokesman for biology in Britain, St.