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city in Tunisia

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But then there are those that are more difficult to ignore, such as a bounty announced by an Afghan social media user on Facebook offering 50,000 AFN (about $750) for the death of Aryana.
Aryana Hotel general manager Haytham Khairy said in a press statement: "We are glad to designate Internet Moguls as our digital partner for their competence in the hospitality sector.
Hekmatullah Nori, reporter for Aryana News, wants the government to immediately implement the law of access to information.
The sources have confirmed that Aryana has been killed in a clash with Afghan security forces.
According to Aryana (2010), positive relationships existed between self-esteem and academic motivation.
The pH and syneresis were determined by following methods of Cueva and Aryana (2008).
Hajer Al Muawo and AJ Aryana took the second and third places.
Signboards such as Aryana Moneychanger' in English or Tele Link: Behtareen and Mayari Mobile Phone Series' in Urdu are a common sight in Khost City.
Several crossing ways are need in this street, especially between the Al Tawoon round-about and the Aryana hotel round-about to reduce similar accidents from taking place.
Aryana television reporter Rahmatullah Zyarmal told a news conference in Jalalabad he was interviewing Brig.
Close to 35 million of these are living in developing countries (De Onis 2010, Aryana 2012).
Recently, he said, the town administration demolished a 36-marla plaza on Tipu Road behind Aryana Hotel and Suhaib Plaza at Liaquat Road.
Tricorp Hearn is a good fit for ACC because of its general contracting and construction management capabilities, Shahvand Aryana, ACC's founder, said in a press release.
14) They were the following institutions of higher education: Kardan, Bakhter, Maiwand, Khurasan, Aryana, American University Afghanistan, Cheragh, Katib, Khatam o Nabi, Arya, and Maryam.