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in some classifications considered synonymous with Microtus

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rossiaemeridionalis [sibling vole]), Chionomys roberti (Robert's snow vole), Myodes glareolus (bank vole), and Arvicola scherman (montane water vole) (8,12-15).
Small mammals include Clethrionomys glaerolus, Arvicola terrestris cantiana, Microtus arvalis/Microtus agrestis, Microtus gregalis and Talpa europaea (Lhomme et al.
The most discussed indicator concerns the water vole Arvicola terrestris cantiana whose evolutionary trajectory is theorized to be complete by the later Cromerian.
Arvicola terrestris, Microtus arvalis) are present in Lithuania (5), but to date they have not been investigated systematically.
arvalis-agrestis (common or short-tailed vole) and Arvicola terrestris (ground vole) are also represented, together with Sorex araneus-coronatus (common shrew).
A very important stratigraphical marker is the transition of Mimomys savini to Arvicola terrestris, which corresponds to the Biharian-Toringian boundary, in the second half of the Cromerian complex (van Kolfschoten 1990; Von Koenigswald & van Kolfschoten in press).
A problem in this respect is the age of the Arvicola fauna from Isernia (Italy), supposed to be late Early Pleistocene on the basis of radiometric dates for crystals from the site matrix and some palaeomagnetic data (Coltorti et al.
multilocularis prevalence in the intermediate host Arvicola terrestris also decreased significantly in baited areas.
multilocularis in rodents was 9% to 39% for Arvicola terrestris and 10% to 21% for Microtus arvalis.
Prevalence in the local Arvicola terrestris population fluctuated annually between 11% and 39%.