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in some classifications considered synonymous with Microtus

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The montane water vole, Arvicola scherman (formerly fossorial form of Arvicola terrestris; for details see Musser & Carleton 2005, but see also Krystufek et al.
Arvicola scherman populations studied to date restrict their breeding to a specific favourable period (Airoldi 1978, Morel 1981, Pascal 1981, Ventura et al.
1976: Le terrier de la forme fouisseuse du campagnol terrestre, Arvicola terrestris scherman Shaw (Mammalia, Rodentia).
Key words: Arvicola amphibius, population size, Eurasian water vole.
Eurasian water vole, Arvicola amphibius (Linnaeus, 1758), has a confusion in nomenclature.
Arvicola amphibius has semiaquatic and fossorial ecological forms (Kratochvil, 1983).
Co-occurrence of metacestodes of Echinococcus multilocularis and Taenia taeniaeformis (Cestoda) in Arvicola terrestris (Rodentia) in France.
Over a period of 25 yr, he found only "two or three" uncut m1s of Arvicola, and illustrated two (Fig.
The purpose of this study was to ascertain whether Microtus richardsoni has a complex pattern on the anterior of m1 similar to that of Arvicola terrestris or whether the anterior of the tooth resembles that of other species of Microtus.
Strix nebulosa Erinaceus roumani imperial eagle Aquila heliaca Arvicola amphibiu greater spotted un.
Arvicola terrestris, Microtus arvalis) are present in Lithuania (5), but to date they have not been investigated systematically.
Mammals Rodents striped field mouse Apodemus agrarius yellow-necked mouse Apodemus flavicollis water vole Arvicola amphibious harvest mouse Micromys minutus field vole Microtus agrestis house mouse Mus musculus bank vole Myodes glareolus Siberian flying squirrel Pteromys volans brown rat Rattus norvegicus red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris Insectivores common shrew Sorex araneus Eurasian least shrew Sorex minutissimus Eurasian pygmy shrew Sorex minutus mole Talpa europaea Other mammals European hare Lepus europaeus rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus bat Chiroptera sp.
multilocularis prevalence in the intermediate host Arvicola terrestris also decreased significantly in baited areas.
multilocularis in rodents was 9% to 39% for Arvicola terrestris and 10% to 21% for Microtus arvalis.
Prevalence in the local Arvicola terrestris population fluctuated annually between 11% and 39%.