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A recent comparative analysis on the applicability of different organosolv processes to giant reed (Arundo donax L.) showed the advantages of ethanol reinforced alkaline pulping (ethanol-enhanced or ethanol-alkali pulping).
In one greenhouse, I saw the giant reed Arundo donax with huge broad green leaves growing in a pot.
Less expensive is the bamboo-like Provencal reed (Arundo donax), which will grow to 15 feet and is a truly outstanding grass.
The pteridophyte Pteridium aquilinum and the grasses Arundo donax and Brachypodium phoenicoides were collected after they had dried and turned yellow, in winter after the first period of cold weather for the first two species and in summer after the first heat waves for the third.
Within the PACC clade there is, in the consensus tree, a basal polytomy of all other individual Arundinoid exemplars (Aristida, Arundo L., Amphipogon, Danthonia DC., Molinia, and Phragmites Adans.) plus two subclades that together include all elements of Panicoideae, Centothecoideae, and Chloridoideae.
AN exotic weed that chokes out native species, causes fire hazards, wastes precious water, and impedes flood control is finally getting run out of town by a benchmark group of city, state, county, and federal officials called Team Arundo. Before this collective approach to control Arundo donax along Southern California's Santa Ana River, the bamboo-like weed was largely untouchable because of conflicting government regulations and an endangered bird that lives along the river.
The giant reed plant (Arundo donax) grows taller and wider than other grasses, making its stems particularly useful to musicians.
Xu, "Structural elucidation of lignin-carbohydrate complex (LCC) preparations and lignin from Arundo donax Linn," Industrial Crops and Products, vol.
Besides, the current finding is in perfect agreement with the maximum glucose yield around 85%, 89%, and 95%, respectively, obtained after enzymatic hydrolysis of hydrothermal pretreated switchgrass fibers, dilute acid pretreated cotton fibers, and steam pretreated Arundo donax [32, 46, 47].
The positive side: Bryonia dioica; Avena sterilis; Withania frutescens; Arthrocnemum glaucum; Atriplex halimus; Acacia sp; Arundo donax; Typha latifolia; Calycotome intermedia; Ziziphus lotus; Zygophyllum sp; Suaeda fructicosa.
Los sustratos seleccionados fueron: raices de mangle (Rhizophora mangle), tallos de carrizo (Arundo donax) y tubos de PVC (Fig.2).
Use of constructed wetland systems with Arundo and Sarcocornia for polishing high salinity tannery wastewater.