Arundinaria gigantea

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tall grass of southern United States growing in thickets

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Taxonomy and ecology of cane, Arundinaria gigantea (Walter) Muhlenberg.
Andropogon geradii Vitman, Arundinaria gigantea (Walter), Cacalia tuberosa Nutt.
If you plant bamboo mainly to provide wildlife habitat and to enhance water quality, choose the native American bamboo, Arundinaria gigantea, which under ideal conditions grows to 20 feet tall and an inch in diameter, but more often measures in at eight to 16 feet.
Panicum and Uniola are grasses; American cane, Arundinaria gigantea, is a woody grass; soft rush is Juncus effuses or J.
Tim Oakes's contribution, "Native Cane Conservation Guide: Arundinaria gigantea ssp.