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Some can be invasive, but one of the more delicate bamboos is the Fargesia, sometimes labelled as Arundinaria.
Originally, there were extensive canebrakes dominated by Arundinaria gigantea on some lowlands, with the tallest cane on levees close to larger streams and rivers (Hawkins 1798-99; Nutt 1805; W.
Third, there is no way of determining if the canebrakes observed by the surveyors were uniform stands of Arundinaria gigantea or whether other species were common.
Taxonomy and ecology of cane, Arundinaria gigantea (Walter) Muhlenberg.
A Comparative Study of Geographic Information System Monitoring Techniques for Tracking Arundinaria gigantea and Justicia americanum Restoration Sites Used for Stream Habitat Enhancement.
Phyllostachys pubesecens and various species from Arundinaria, Bambusa, and Dendrocalamus of the Family Gramineae
It is notable that although presettlement accounts described giant cane Arundinaria gigantea (Walt.
Andropogon geradii Vitman, Arundinaria gigantea (Walter), Cacalia tuberosa Nutt.
The bamboo is variously known as Fargesia and Arundinaria but it is flowering all over Britain at present and may well be flowering all over the world.
When using bamboo to create a screen or backdrops for other plants go for a clump-forming variety such as arundinaria nitida.
If you like bamboo, look out for Arundinaria viridistriata.