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a popular island resort in the Netherlands Antilles

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The popular maxim of the AVP, "Aruba for Arubans," was as much anti-Curacaoan and as it was anti-immigrant--a fearful expression of the island's inferior status to Curacao and a defensive backlash against the economic marginalization of local workers.
It was my first taste of Aruban hot papaya sauce which can be used simply as a sauce, a dip or an ingredient.
The place is placid and free, and native Arubans clearly flock here, yet it never gets crowded.
There are indications of past instances of Aruban children under 18 in prostitution in Aruba.
There is one dark cloud over recent Aruban history that needs a brief mention, however.
You'll see everything from the island's lighthouse and nearby restaurant, the Alto Vista chapel, an ostrich farm, stone stacks (the Aruban equivalent of a wishing well) and a series of natural rock bridges.
Written texts, which are characterized by conceptual orality such as contributions to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) or to virtual guestbooks (meeting-points between the Antilles on the islands and the diaspora in the Netherlands), reflect the frequency and type of switches perfectly, for instance the following message by an Aruban individual:
Along with Papiamento, Arubans speak English, Spanish and Dutch, but their legal system caused tricky translations.
Part of it has to do with the red carpet that Arubans love to roll out for guests.
By this time, the historic class divisions between the urban elites and rural "Cunucu" Arubans also became apparent, and a new nationalist party (the MEP) rapidly came to power by mobilizing and largely uniting the rural community around their special Spanish-Indian heritage.
Based upon extensive discussions with native Arubans and former residents of the now timeworn Colony, Carabello offers a bewitching depiction of the islandCoa lush, exhilarating novel that seamlessly interweaves scintillating romance with the richness of Aruba's history, culture, and growth.
A record nine parties were competing for parliamentary seats, an indication, observers said, that Arubans wanted change and were frustrated over stagnant wages and growing inflation.
I know this is a travel writer's cliche but it happens to be true - Arubans are so friendly, courteous and polite that you almost feel embarrassed to ask them to do anything.
Arubans prepare for this cultural tradition as early as one year in advance, assuring that all costumes and floats are crafted on time.
District Judge James Lawrence King in Miami FL decided the Arubans bargained in bad faith and committed misconduct in the final stage of track negotiations.