Artur Rubinstein

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United States pianist (born in Poland) known for his interpretations of the music of Chopin (1886-1982)

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Victoria de los Angeles, soprano; Marian Anderson, contralto; Barry Morell, tenor; Boris Christoff, bass; Artur Rubinstein, Franz Rupp, piano; Andres Segovia, guitar; Showcase Symphony Orchestra and Chorus; Alfred Wallenstein, conductor.
Janina went on to become a world renowned classical pianist after being taken under the wing of maestro Artur Rubinstein.
Among those who performed there were Artur Rubinstein, Leontyne Price, Victor Borge, Andres Segovia, Barbara Cook, the Juilliard String Quartet, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Yo-Yo Ma, Bob Hope, Marcel Marceau, Claire Bloom Count Basic, Benny Goodman, Ravi Shankar, the Dance Theatre of Harlem, and many others.
Sachs' earlier works include comprehensive biographies of Toscanini and Artur Rubinstein, as well as a piercingly perspicacious 1982 essay on Glenn Gould (which concedes all Gould's pianistic virtues while exposing, with quiet mercilessness, Gould's fundamentally adolescent philosophizing).
His international career was launched in 1981 when he won First Prize at the Leeds International Piano Competition, having already garnered silver medals at both the Artur Rubinstein and Vienna-Beethoven competitions.
25 Etudes, far from being simple AostudiesAo for students, are so difficult that the great pianist and Chopin specialist Artur Rubinstein avoided playing some of them.
Kramer has studied with Vladimir Horowitz and John Perry, and was coached by Artur Rubinstein, Gina Bachauer, Leon Fleisher and Eugene List.
Before I began to write this, I was listening to Schubert's Piano Sonata in B-Flat, played by the incomparable Artur Rubinstein. It is one of Schubert's late works and the Andante movement is regarded by many as one of the most profound and poetic pieces of music he wrote during his short life.
These original mono recordings were made between 1919 and 1954, and the virtuoso performances by the likes of Vladimir Horowitz, Wilhelm Kempff, Myra Hess and Artur Rubinstein stretch piano technique to the limit.