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United States pianist (born in Poland) known for his interpretations of the music of Chopin (1886-1982)

Russian composer and pianist (1829-1894)

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There is no blame on Artur, he has been excellent since he came here.
Players can have a bad day, as Artur did, but we move on.
8220;Where else in the world - Belize” - Artur Szczepanek, Los Angeles
Artur fears Neil Lennon's men will plunge the Stadium of Light into darkness by pulling the plug on the Portuguese side's bid to reach the Champions League knock-out stages by playing an unattractive style of football.
The club said in a statement: "Southampton Football Club can confirm that it is investigating allegations of an incident involving Artur Boruc that occurred towards the end of the first half during Sunday's match against Tottenham Hotspur.
Artur Simon's special research areas have been Africa, Indonesia and Irian (New Guinea), and many of the photographs and examples are taken from those areas.
Changes "There's always a lot of talk about Artur being sold by Celtic - it seems to come up every six months.
Hoops goalkeeper Artur Boruc, in particular, has found himself at the centre of controversy in several Old Firm clashes in the past.
Six of them returned victorious to the K-Star Thai Boxing Academy in Perry Barr, and the star of the show was Artur Kus, who won the AKA European title by stopping his opponent in the first round.
CELTIC defender John Kennedy believes goalkeeper Artur Boruc can help fill the gap left by outgoing Neil Lennon.
BOREDOM with the bland taste of most English food led to Artur Kowalski and his wife Anna Radzikowska to open Archie's Polish supermarket in Radford Road, Coventry.
If convicted in an Armenian court, Artur Khanzadyan, 25, could serve up to 12 years in jail.
Alison Roper, wearing black tights and rehearsal tutu, feet fluttering in agitated bourrees, extends her pleading, yearning arms toward fellow principal Artur Sultanov.
When he ventured out for a meal that night he found himself sitting at the next table to Artur Boruc, the Celtic goalkeeper.
The second step, would have been to do some research on Artur Davis and find out what he is actually about as opposed to lumping him in the same category with Ms.