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the arts of decorative design and handicraft

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In addition to finding the purchasing trends of arts and crafts consumers, the study also revealed how much consumers spend on materials.
A record number of juried arts and craft booths - over 500 -- have been assigned this year, thanks to expanded accommodations by the Chamber of Commerce.
The Winter Expo on Arts and Crafts & Art Shenzhen 2014 will be held from Dec.
That is, arts and crafts spark innovation, and without innovation, fewer products would be invented and fewer companies would be started, which would result in fewer jobs.
Serious investment dollars are being pumped into retailers like Michaels, where arts and crafts supplies are flying off the shelves.
Afterall, if we don't find ways to bring craft to the classroom, who will continue the legacy of the American Arts and Crafts Movement to become America's future craftspeople, gallery owners, art enthusiasts, art collectors, and art educators?
This year, Hasbro's (NYSE:HAS) ever-popular PLAY-DOH brand mixes with traditional arts and crafts for a whole new kind of fun -- the PLAY-DOH way
The event was sponsored by the Woodland Hills Rotary Club, which hosts two arts and crafts fairs at this site each year, one in June and one in December.
SANTA CLARITA - Along with the holiday season comes the quest to find that special gift, and one place to find those unique items is at local arts and crafts fairs.
For instance, two of the company's more popular bird feeders are its Arts and Crafts and Zen feeders in its AvantGarden(TM) line - reflecting the overall popularity of the Asian and Arts and Crafts design movements.
From crocheted booties to butterfly magnets to holiday doodads of every kind, the Fall Arts and Crafts Fair at the Simi Valley Senior Center has something for everyone - and at reasonable prices.
A new trend in the arts and crafts category is clicking its way onto store shelves just in time for the summer months when girls and moms are looking for the hottest styles and great vacation activities - and is meeting strong response.
Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair features ceramics, hand-painted clothing, jewelry and pottery, 10 a.
Music, dancing, arts and crafts, battle reenactments, games and period food will be featured.
Parents can find help planning their children's summer activities thanks to the new book, The Arts and Crafts Busy Book (Meadowbrook Press).
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