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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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So So Modern @ Clwb Ifor bach, Cardiff, Thursday: They've been described as "high velocity artrock punk-funk" but with four keyboards on stage.
Whatever you think of them, and their random name, which conjures up ideas of a burlesque bearded ladies ready to woo men of a strange disposition, the artrock trio have already been tipped to be the new answer to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
com - Save The Earth Artrock Auction, an ongoing auction of autographed celebrity memorabilia that raises funds for the Save The Earth Foundation http://www.
Matt says: "The EP's been a long time coming, we're very pleased with the sound of it and we wanted to do something special for its release so we're going to play a full set, include some of the artrock instrumentals and a couple of new tracks alongside the songs on the EP.
Launched by Wayne Coyne from his native Oklahoma in 1983, they've gone through endless mutations, from orange-haired hardcore punks singing Jesus Shooting Heroin to the artrock jesters of Zaireeka, a 4-CD set designed to be played simultaneously.