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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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Whatever you think of them, and their random name, which conjures up ideas of a burlesque bearded ladies ready to woo men of a strange disposition, the artrock trio have already been tipped to be the new answer to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
In addition, AmuZnet's new "Merchandize" section features Etoys, Artrock and Fogdog.
com - Save The Earth Artrock Auction, an ongoing auction of autographed celebrity memorabilia that raises funds for the Save The Earth Foundation http://www.
Launched by Wayne Coyne from his native Oklahoma in 1983, they've gone through endless mutations, from orange-haired hardcore punks singing Jesus Shooting Heroin to the artrock jesters of Zaireeka, a 4-CD set designed to be played simultaneously.
If that's the case, then who would believe that Finland - that idyllic Valhalla of socialistic democracy, uniformly high standards of living, low crime rates, scant pollution, children's book author Tove Jansson and Guns 'N Roses prototypes Hanoi Rocks - would have spawned the most fascinating, vital and enduring artrock unit of the past decade?
10, 1995--The Save The Earth Foundation Artrock Auction Website introduces an interactive online magazine.