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His claim to such a position is seen as resting not only on his literary work but also on his valuable contribution to many artistic movements, to the strength of his influence on other writers of renown and to his position as a significant figure of European culture in the late nineteenth century.
Overall, the computer automatically produced an analysis that is in large agreement with the influential links between painters and artistic movements as defined by art historians and critiques.
The next chapter, by Claudia Dichter, Michael Krajewski, and Susanne Zander, provides a good discussion on "The Medium as Artist" and how mediumship and occultism spurred a number of progressive movements, including greater equality for women and humane treatment for those considered insane (see also Owen, 1990), as well as artistic movements such as surrealism (Choucha, 1992) and other 20th century art movements (Waldo-Schwartz, 1977).
This had a notable impact on Western decorative arts, greatly influencing two major artistic movements in Europe, namely aestheticism and art nouveau.
From Frida Kahlo's power of expression to Marta Minujin's bold creations, women have expressed their visions and have been part of the region's artistic movements.
Even more than his importance as a coiner of names for artistic movements, Gao wants us to acknowledge the absolutely central part he played in the "China/Avant-Garde" show.
Nearly every page in the book has boldface annotations offering descriptions of artistic movements, philosophical views, and biographies of influential people.
It was the heyday of the artistic movements in Paris and she soon rebelled against her classic training and moved to Montparnasse to share a studio with some French and foreign artists.
Many burgeoning artistic movements since then have also come under fire.
In 1889, the Geneva-based manufacturer produced its very first wristwatches and also began charting new stylistic territory, in step with the major artistic movements characterising the dawn of the 20 th century.
The book contains an excellent glossary of terms, artistic movements, and directory of museums and galleries.
Feldberg Professor of Art, Wellesley College) is an impressively illustrated and informative history of Danish artists and their works reflecting and influencing the European art world and included the artistic movements known as Classicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, and Symbolism.
Joining with the social democratic and artistic movements that were sweeping across Central and Western Europe, analysts such as Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Erik Erikson, Karen Horney, Erich Fromm, and Helene Deutsch envisioned a new role for psychoanalysis.
Twice a year, visitors are able to view and enjoy a new selection of the finest examples of the medium's different artistic movements by the country's most important photographers.
Don't forget to see the museum's collection of modern and contemporary art representing most of the significant artistic movements in Europe and America from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.