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His claim to such a position is seen as resting not only on his literary work but also on his valuable contribution to many artistic movements, to the strength of his influence on other writers of renown and to his position as a significant figure of European culture in the late nineteenth century.
Sharjah: Highlighting one of the 19th century's mainstream artistic movements known as Orientalism, the Sharjah Art Museum is showcasing a selection of art work from the personal collection of His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, at the Journey through Egypt - Egypt in the eyes of the Orientalists exhibition.
Scott moves quickly through different artistic movements suggesting, as examples, that futurist artists focused on boxing because of its energy and constant movement, that cubists appreciated the multiple perspectives the moving boxers in the "ring/cube" afforded them, that an installation artist takes advantage of boxing's spatial confines to study the notion of painting (playing on the term "canvas") and the nature of public persona.
Among American museums the Met is probably the only one that could attempt as comprehensive a survey as that attempted in 'Designing Nature'; the show sets itself the challenge of defining one of the most salient and durable artistic movements in the history of Japan, asking what Rimpa was, who its practitioners were, and what made it important.
Inside these two broad groups the computer identified sub-groups of painters that were part of the same artistic movements.
Nearly every page in the book has boldface annotations offering descriptions of artistic movements, philosophical views, and biographies of influential people.
Many burgeoning artistic movements since then have also come under fire.
The book contains an excellent glossary of terms, artistic movements, and directory of museums and galleries.
His practice acknowledges artistic movements of the past, but not to provide a stable "place" for them, existing as they do in his work as contemporary transplants.
Feldberg Professor of Art, Wellesley College) is an impressively illustrated and informative history of Danish artists and their works reflecting and influencing the European art world and included the artistic movements known as Classicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, and Symbolism.
Beyond our shores, playwriting is a solitary enterprise, even for writers committed to artistic movements or alliances, and the plays they create are handled by directors and theatre organizations essentially as commodities to be interpreted and altered at will.
The specially designed posters, representing diverse media and artistic movements, will include masterworks by George Bellows, Dawoud Bey, Thomas Eakins, Claude Monet, Pierre August Renoir, Peter Paul Rubens Augusta Savage and others, as well as artifacts including the museum's oldest object, Stargazer, portraying a 5,000-year-old woman; an 18th century Chinese scroll; a 10th century Islamic jug; and a 14th century table fountain.
Joining with the social democratic and artistic movements that were sweeping across Central and Western Europe, analysts such as Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Erik Erikson, Karen Horney, Erich Fromm, and Helene Deutsch envisioned a new role for psychoanalysis.
All literary and artistic movements share the same fate: they end up on index cards, an -ism on the front; dates, names and adjectives on the back.
I usually start with a theme, sometimes broad and sometimes quite specific, and then let the brainstorming of eras, art, poetry, literature and artistic movements begin.