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a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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But it's artistic freedom and I think we shouldn't censor a work of art even if it doesn't appeal to everyone.
Its features such as simplicity, low production cost, less time consuming, easy error fixing capacity and the artistic freedom, makes it still the first choice of animators all over the world.
Following the appointment ceremony, Frank La Rue, Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information, will moderate a panel discussion exploring issues related to artistic freedom at 3:30 pm in Room IX.
Rana Saghieh, who was a part of Samandal's legal team during its court case discusses the magazine's story in "Censorship on Artistic Freedom.
The top court based its ruling on two reasons, one from the perspective of property rights and another from the perspective of freedom of expression and the right to artistic freedom.
Gandhi had a unique status in the country and lampooning him by way of cartoons or satirical verses, however surreal they Says people can't abuse citing artistic freedom
One of the members of the team stated in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television that life in Bulgaria is super cool because people have tons of artistic freedom, but they should not be expecting too high a monetary remuneration for their efforts.
of Manchester, England) collects 13 essays produced as part of his legal scholarship on the issue of artistic freedom of expression over the past decade and a half.
The classic scenario here involves the confrontation between artistic freedom and the legal, often constitutional, enforcement of morality; sometimes, though, artistic creativity can also be claimed to be illegal because seditious.
Profits take priority over artistic freedom and values.
Banks Stewart told TV industry magazine Broadcast: "The team involved has full artistic freedom to recreate Bergerac the way they see it in the 21st Century.
Numero has always supported the artistic freedom of the talented photographers who work with the magazine to illustrate its pages, and has not taken part in the creation process of this editorial.
Before the ceremony, Affleck said that he looks forward to directing more films because of the artistic freedom he feels in the job.
Nicknamed the 'Peredvizhniki' (those who travel about), from 1870 they took their exhibitions to the provinces in a struggle for artistic freedom, seeking to engage new audiences and broaden their artistic impact, as well as reach potential buyers.
I'm aware of artistic freedom, but nevertheless I feel this is worse than anything I've seen.