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the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively

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By Noimot Olayiwola/Staff Reporter The Hamad Medical Corporation's Prosthetic and Orthotic Department has become the first centre in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) to implant in a patient the 'Power Knee' being described as the world's first and only motor-powered artificially intelligent prosthesis for above-knee amputees.
Accordingly, McGinnis recognizes this increasing computational power allows for artificially intelligent systems to be developed and aid man in understanding the world around him to an unprecedented degree.
The New York-based Human Rights Watch has announced the creation of an international coalition, which it hopes can push for a global treaty for a pre-emptive ban on artificially intelligent weapons before they can be fielded in battle, RT reported.
The Chief's artificially intelligent ally, Cortana, is degrading rapidly, and he must find a way back to Earth to heal her.
Halo 4 starts out with the Master Chief being woken from his slumber by his panicked companion Cortana, an artificially intelligent computer programme.
crop farm of 2035 is not that different from the typical farm of 2010, in the same way that the 2010 farm was not the artificially intelligent, self-sufficient, robotic paradise that many predicted way back in 1985.
Argos bosses expect these artificially intelligent Go Go hamsters, pounds 9.
Redolent of a pyramid scam, Bailey's artificially intelligent Pac-Men are mere pawns in his Toastmasters diatribes about video as revenge (episode 2) and how to commit social suicide through isolation (episode 6).
At first Connor and Wright clash, but later team up to infiltrate the machines' headquarters, where the artificially intelligent computer Skynet reigns.
Artificially intelligent super computers with the power to conspire against people, suchasHAL, were considered the science fiction imagining most likely to become a reality.
Attention shifts to tools and technologies in chapters that examine such topics as user agent architecture and e-learning in health care and social care, genomic databanks for biomedical informatics, artificially intelligent learning games, self-organizing impact sensing networks in robust aerospace vehicles, and stochastic optimization algorithms.
In a book aimed at a popular audience, David Levy foresees a time when humans' intimacy with artificially intelligent machines will grow even deeper, entering the realms of romance and the erotic.
Because you know all you'll get is another list of artificially intelligent excuses as to why Allen Iverson will fowl up the team's chemistry, cost the franchise too much (Livingston) in return and hardly be worth trying to offset any Laker Nation pub, right?
Fourth-generation artificially intelligent underwriting requires only a name and one identifying piece of information from an agent or an applicant.
A vacuum cleaner, an alarm clock, and an entertainment robot--each is artificially intelligent in its own world, and their world is your home.