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the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively

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Seated on the panel, Sophia introduced herself to the audience and said that it wanted to explore the discussion about artificially intelligent machines someday being afforded individual rights as a sentient being.
UNIVERSITY of Edinburgh experts and telecoms firm Huawei are to collaborate on the development of artificially intelligent robots for the next generation of mobile phones.
By: Mahmoud Oraby CAIRO AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA} 5 November 2017: On the October 26 and du the Future Investment Initiative, Sophia, an artificially intelligent robot became the first android citizen in history when it was rewarded the citizenship of the Kingdom Saudi of Arabia.
base H via YouTube) ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani tech company has developed an artificially intelligent journalist, the first of its kind, which can produce a complete news item in just a few seconds.
Cogeon's primary application-Math 42-is a math learning app that offers hierarchical step-by-step exercises, concept walk-throughs, and personalised assessment, built upon an artificially intelligent learning engine.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistani Tech company baseH announced the launch of an AI Writer, an artificially intelligent content generator, at their headquarters in Karachi.
com has developed a platform of experienced content developers and the system is supported with multiple artificially intelligent software tools that monitor the quality of content at every stage.
However, the essential job of instilling knowledge into young minds will wholly be done by artificially intelligent computers.
com)-- The first ever artificially intelligent real estate team chatbot being used to engage with customers and show listings.
Since it has become evident that human vigilance is just not enough, technology is coming to the fore - starting next month, the Australian government will deploy artificially intelligent 'Little Ripper' drones on the country's beaches for enhanced surveillance.
Destygo (Paris, France) builds artificially intelligent chatbots for travel companies, giving travellers instant personalised offers and fast answers.
Artificially intelligent computer software was used to identify depressed people from the colour content of their Instagram photos with an accuracy of 70%.
Artificially intelligent Wi-Fi routers that can detect a human heartbeat are on the way.
APPLE is to unveil an artificially intelligent smart speaker to rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home.
Just like other artificially intelligent personal assistants, Cortana was showed off to have organising and scheduling skills, along with recognising voice inputs for all of its operations.